Consensus Orthopedics Launches TracPatch Australia

By Julie A. Vetalice

Consensus Orthopedics and wearable tech company, CUER Australia, co-founded TracPatch Australia to distribute Consensus' wearable technology in Australia and New Zealand, and to develop opportunities in the Oceania region.

Consensus launched TracPatch™ in 1Q17. Placed on the lower leg just below the knee, the device sends activity data such as range of motion (ROM), ambulation, exercise compliance and wound site temperature measurements to healthcare providers. The provider can track progress and adjust post-surgical activities and rehab goals, especially during the six-week recovery period. A patient-focused mobile app sends exercise reminders and ROM tests.

The use of wearables for post-op rehab is interesting. Breg markets Flex, which also launched in 1Q17; Flex offers a suite of mobile solutions to support and improve patients’ at-home recovery following orthopaedic surgery.

Source: Consensus Orthopedics, Inc.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

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