ConforMIS Retrospective Study: Customized vs. Off the Shelf Total Knees

By Julie A. Vetalice

Results of a retrospective study comparing ConforMIS' (CFMS) custom total knee arthroplasty (TKA) implants vs. standard, off the shelf devices (OTS) indicate a lower number of adverse events, more rapid discharge, lower follow-up care costs, etc. with custom devices.

Per results, TKA patients receiving custom implants:

  • experienced fewer adverse events at both discharge and 90 days
  • were discharged in less than 3 days to a greater extent
  • were discharged to a rehab center or other post-acute care facility to a lesser extent
  • required fewer blood transfusions

Additionally, total average real hospital costs between custom and OTS groups were nearly identical (customized $16,192 vs OTS $16,240), and follow-up care costs showed a savings of $1,313 (customized $5,048 vs OTS $6,361).

Results, which were financialy supported by CFMS, were published in Arthroplasty Today.

Source: ConforMIS, Inc.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

Tags: Trial/Study