ChoiceSpine Achieves Tiger Shark Interbody System Milestone

By Julie A. Vetalice

ChoiceSpine Achieves Tiger Shark Interbody System Milestone

ChoiceSpine announced 3,000 implantations of their 3D-printed Tiger Shark interbody product line. Tiger Shark is a 3D-manufactured titanium alloy interbody built with a proprietary porous structure called BioBond™.

The Tiger Shark line, which debuted in 2018, includes the Tiger Shark C Cervical Interbody (shown above), Tiger Shark Straight Lumbar Interbody System, Tiger Shark TL Passive Curved Interbody System and the Tiger Shark L Lateral Interbody. Implants feature a large graft window, large bony ingrowth surface area and a variety of anatomical footprints.

Tiger Shark implants are radiolucent, allowing for porosity, and surface roughness is designed into the implant for enhanced bone ingrowth to optimize fusion.

“ChoiceSpine is proud to announce the milestone of Tiger Shark cases completed. We believe, with our additive manufacturing process combined with our STRATOFUSE™ Fiber Putty, we are giving surgeons the best outcomes for their patients,” said Marty Altshuler and Rick Henson, Co-Presidents.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion