Changmugu Medical Developing Orthopedic AI and Surgical Navigation Solutions

By Julie A. Vetalice

Changmugu Medical Developing Orthopedic AI and Surgical Navigation Solutions

Changmugu Medical/Longwood Valley Medical Technology in Beijing completed a financing round comprising tens of millions of RMB (renminbi). Funds will support research and development of new orthopedic artificial intelligence (AI) and surgical navigation systems, as well as investment in core technologies, an application for local clinical registration, additional employees, etc.

Longwood Valley focuses on solutions that offer AI-assisted diagnosis, individualized surgical planning, 3D-printed surgical guides, surgical navigation, postoperative evaluation, etc.

A strategic partner of Johnson & Johnson Medical, the two entities cooperate in the field of orthopedic joint digitization and intelligence, including the development of AI-assisted 3D surgery precision diagnosis and treatment in China. In the two years since its establishment, Longwood's Haseki Valley division has launched a variety of products such as AIHIP and AIKNEE (shown above, left to right), and has continued to iterate and upgrade its product matrix of software, hardware, consumables and services.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Zhang Yiling said, "Changmu Valley will continue to deepen the field of orthopedics, optimize AI products and surgical navigation systems, make the overall solution more accurate and smarter, and at the same time promote the application and approval of clinical registration certificates...The digital direction has created China's intelligent manufacturing and world-leading products, realizing the precision, intelligence, and individualization of orthopedic surgery, so that more Chinese patients will benefit, and there will be no difficult surgery in the world."

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Surgical Navigation, Surgical Planning

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