Carlsmed Merges with Spinal Imaging Company, Precisive Surgical

By Julie A. Vetalice

Carlsmed has merged with spine imaging system company Precisive Surgical to develop what it plans to be the industry's first end-to-end personalized surgical workflow platform. Precisive Surgical is the most recent company to spin out from IntuitiveX, a life science technology incubator in Seattle led by spine surgeon and entrepreneur Dr. Jeffrey Roh. Merger terms are not disclosed.

The Carlsmed system will combine clinical intelligence, advanced image recognition and 3D printing abilities to provide cost-effective, patient-specific treatment of a variety of spine disorders using traditional, MIS and robotic surgical techniques.

Carlsmed seeks to enable earlier surgical intervention to yield better patient outcomes and quality of life, reduction in opiod use for pain management and decreased overall surgical costs.

“Today’s imaging for severe spinal deformities is primarily used for diagnostic purposes only,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Carlsmed, Inc. Mike Cordonnier. “The proprietary platform we are developing enables surgeons to use this information directly for surgical intervention. Our platform changes the way traditional radiographic imaging studies are taken. This enables creation of devices and surgical plans in a build-on-demand business model. This technology leap addresses a giant opportunity to use meaningful data for improved patient care.”

Source: Carlsmed, Inc.

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