Camber Spine Launches SPIRA-O Open Matrix Interbody

By Julie A. Vetalice

Camber Spine commenced U.S. launch of the SPIRA®-O Open Matrix OLIF device for oblique lumbar interbody fusion, the fifth product in the SPIRA device family. Like other SPIRA devices, SPIRA-O features embedded spiral support arches to distribute load, and Surface by Design™ texture technology to provide immediate stability.

SPIRA-O was designed to use the natural corridor for an oblique surgical approach, anterior to the psoas, performed while the patient is in a lateral position. OLIF allows surgeons to access multiple levels through one incision without having to reposition the patient, and offers good disc space visualization. The incision spares abdominal muscles and allows gravity to aid in retraction.


Source: Camber Spine


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