BONESUPPORT Announces CERAMENT Preclinical Long-term Study Results

By Julie A. Vetalice

BONESUPPORT Announces CERAMENT Preclinical Long-term Study Results

BONESUPPORT announced that new preclinical data from a long-term study validates and confirms that local delivery of a bisphosphonate in combination with CERAMENT can regenerate cancellous bone in the femoral neck canal, and has clear implications for enhancing implant integration and fixation in fragile bone.


Investigators examined different bone active pharmaceutical combinations to enhance long-term bone formation in the femoral neck of osteoporotic rats. Progress measured at six months showed that CERAMENT as a carrier of bisphosphonate yielded significantly higher bone volumes than the other treatment groups. Augmenting the proximal femur could be a suitable treatment option to decrease the risk of fracture fixation failure and reoperation.

“The long-term preclinical results...confirm our previous decision to focus our research efforts on developing a combination product of CERAMENT and bisphosphonate, that could potentially reduce the risk of fracture-related complications and thereby improve and prolong the lives of patients suffering from hip fractures," said Emil Billbäck, CEO.

Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft

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