Bone Biologics Partners with MTF to Supply DBM

By Julie A. Vetalice

Bone Biologics Partners with MTF to Supply DBM

Bone Biologics entered into a supply agreement with MTF Biologics for demineralized bone matrix (DBM).

Bone Biologics is developing a bone graft substitute product comprising rhNELL-1 growth factor and a carrier, to be supplied by MTF, for the initiation and improvement of bone formation. This agreement provides material for Bone Biologics' planned 30-patient pilot study, and later for its planned U.S. pivotal study in spine fusion patients.

“This DBM supply agreement is an important milestone that allows us to advance rhNELL-1 for the $3 billion spine fusion market, with the goal of developing a product with compelling features and benefits versus existing commercial products,” said Jeff Frelick, Chief Executive Officer of Bone Biologics. “As we prepare to commence human clinical studies, we are delighted to partner with MTF Biologics, a highly-regarded industry innovator whose bone matrix will now comprise half of our combination product.”

Source: Bone Biologics

Product Labels: Bone Graft Materials/DBM