Biorez Raises $3.5 Million to Advance Tendon and Ligament Repair

By Julie A. Vetalice

Biorez Raises $3.5 Million to Advance Tendon and Ligament Repair

Biorez raised $3.5 million in its Series Seed financing, adding to $3.5 million raised previously.

Biorez BioBrace Implant

The BioBrace Implant

Biorez has developed the BioBrace™ implant, a highly porous collagen sponge reinforced with bioresorbable microfilaments. BioBrace is intended to augment and reinforce a range of tendon and ligament procedures, including rotator cuff repair and ACL reconstruction.

“Our vision is to help patients return to normal activity sooner and safer,” said Kevin Rocco, President and CEO. “BioBrace has the potential to create a new category of implant materials known as 'biocomposites' that contain both biologic and synthetic materials. This rationally-designed approach creates an opportunity for more durable surgical repairs and faster healing, which we intend to prove clinically.”

Formerly known as Soft Tissue Regeneration, the company rebranded as Biorez in 2017. They have launched a new company website that provides additional information about BioBrace technology.

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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