BioPoly Gains CE Mark Approval for Trochlear Groove Implants

By Julie A. Vetalice

BioPoly received approval under the CE Mark for the BioPoly® RS Partial Resurfacing Trochlea system. The company's partial resurfacing knee portfolio now offers options to treat focal cartilage defects in the femoral condyles, trochlear facets, trochlear groove and patella. Launch will occur within coming months.

The trochlea line is designed to address a range of defect sizes and variations in patient anatomy, and the procedure is minimally invasive and tissue sparing.

BioPoly® technology combines ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with hyaluronic acid to yield a “self-lubricated” polymer that is biocompatible with cartilage and meniscus. BioPoly resurfacing products are CE Marked and not yet cleared for use in the U.S.

Source: BioPoly LLC

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

Tags: CE Mark, Regulatory