Biogennix’s DirectCell Bone Grafting System Used in 500th Case

By Julie A. Vetalice

Biogennix’s DirectCell Bone Grafting System Used in 500th Case

Biogennix's DirectCell Advanced Bone Grafting System has been used in over 500 cases to date.

DirectCell includes a bone graft product with advanced bone regeneration properties along with novel instrumentation engineered to harvest high concentrations of patient stem cells.

The cell-stimulating graft within the system is the advanced synthetic bone graft, Agilon, which is available in a Moldable and Strip form. Agilon products are based on Biogennix’s TrelCor technology that contains a nanocrystalline hydroxycarbanoapatite graft surface, which actively participates in bone regeneration. The DirectCell System also provides surgeons with two methods of collecting bone marrow-derived stem cells, either through the harvesting of stem cell aspirate (SCA) with significantly higher stem cell counts [compared to standard bone marrow aspirate (BMA)], or marrow-rich autograft dowels.

Together, the technologies within the DirectCell System allow surgeons to leverage both advanced material properties and utilize a patient’s own stem cells.

DirectCell is growing in multiple market segments, currently seeing strongest growth with spine surgeons and foot and ankle surgeons.

The DirectCell System is available with Biogennix’s bioactive bone grafts, Agilon Moldable or Agilon Strip.

Source: Biogennix

Product Labels: PRP/Cell-Based/Osteoinductive Materials