Biocomposites Launches Biocomposites Companion App

By Julie A. Vetalice

Biocomposites Launches Biocomposites Companion App

Biocomposites introduced the Biocomposites Companion mobile app, designed to help surgeons and support staff to optimize STIMULAN® and genex® at the point of use in a surgical procedure.

The app helps users find information quickly, pre-or intra-op, and provide just-in-time teaching, O.R. efficiency and high-level patient centered outcomes.

STIMULAN is an infection management calcium matrix cleared for use in bone and soft tissue, while genex beta-tricalcium phosphate/calcium sulfate hemihydrate compound provides a scaffold for accelerated bone restoration.

Michael Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Biocomposites, said, "The number of surgeons we serve at Biocomposites is growing rapidly around the world, and the impact of COVID-19 on clinical practice has made it difficult for our sales representatives to be present in the operating room, and provide guidance to the surgeon during a procedure. To alleviate these pressures and maintain our unrivalled levels of support, the Biocomposites Companion app puts product preparation information, setting times and tips directly into the hands of the operating room staff. We are passionate about driving improved outcomes for surgeons and patients alike and the launch of the app is another step forward in that endeavour."

Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft

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