Bio-Gate and Aesculap Partner on Implant Coating

By Julie A. Vetalice

Bio-Gate and Aesculap Partner on Implant Coating

Aesculap entered into an international cooperation agreement with Bio-Gate for the antimicrobial coating of revision implants for knee and hip systems. The agreement also includes an option to use HyProtect™ coating technology in other applications.

HyProtect is an ultrathin plasma coating designed to protect the surfaces of implants against bacterial colonization. It is a combination layer comprising pure silver and polysiloxane.

The basis for this cooperation was the successful completion of a preliminary development project to apply HyProtect on Aesculap implants. After completion of regulatory approvals, Bio-Gate will coat Aesculap's implants.

To date, over 60 single patient human cases have been successfully completed,  validating the high antimicrobial effectiveness and quality of Bio-Gate’s coating. The implants were primarily used in orthopedic revision surgeries for patients with a high risk of infection. In all cases to date, the patients have remained free of infection. Further clinical studies are planned.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement