Biedermann Motech Launching Upper Extremity Plate and Screw

By Julie A. Vetalice

Biedermann Motech introduced the Distal Radius 2.0 Plating System and the MDS Injection Screw.

All Biedermann Motech fracture fixation devices feature Next Generation Polyaxial Locking Technology®, which supports 40° polyaxial locking, consistent locking at every angle, compression with every screw before locking and an all-titanium, low profile construct.

The Distal Radius 2.0 Plating System offers 45° polyaxial locking, as well as 2.0mm screws and 1.8mm pegs distally. The MDS Injection Screw is reportedly the first and only polyaxial locking injection screw that is cleared for use in the U.S. It works with MDS Humeral Plating Systems to deliver injectable bone void fillers to a surgical site.

Source: Biedermann Motech
Biedermann Motech Proximal Hunerus Plating System with MDS Injection Screw - ORTHOFLASH


Product Labels: Upper Extremity

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