Biedermann Motech Expands MOSS VRS Pedicle Screw Technology

By Julie A. Vetalice

Biedermann Motech Expands MOSS VRS Pedicle Screw Technology

Biedermann Motech, developer of the world’s first polyaxial pedicle screw (MOSS® System), announced that its MOSS VRS® Pedicle Screw Platform is now available as a fully modular solution.

MOSS VRS features Next Generation Pedicle Screw Technology™, which allows the surgeon to lock the polyaxial angle of the pedicle screw at any angle, at any time during surgery. This provides surgeons unmatched intraoperative real-time options using a single, highly functional implant.

In contrast to traditional pedicle screw systems, which include a wide range of different screw types, the MOSS VRS Pedicle Screw can be locked and unlocked as and when required by the surgeon during complex correction and reconstruction maneuvers.

By adding MOSS Modularity™, surgeons can now attach the modular MOSS VRS tulip heads after the pedicle screw shafts have been placed, allowing even more advanced and versatile surgical techniques.

The proprietary technologies of the MOSS VRS System are licensed from Biedermann Technologies, a company which holds a broad and extensive patent and technology portfolio, and are exclusively available through Biedermann Motech.

Source: Biedermann Motech

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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