AxioMed and NanoFUSE Biologics to be Available for Acquisition

By Julie A. Vetalice

KICVentures seeks funding to prepare its spine portfolio companies, AxioMed and NanoFUSE Biologics, to be acquisition targets in the next three to five years. Assets include AxioMed Freedom™ cervical and lumbar disc replacements and NanoFUSE bioactive glass.

The AxioMed disc has an exclusive, 15-year license for its viscoelastic material and has a robust IP portfolio, as well as in-house manufacturing. It is reportedly the only viscoelastic disc to complete a U.S. Investigational Device lumbar clinical study, with over five years of clinical follow-up data. U.S. launch is expected in 2020, and a lateral indication may allow it to compete against NuVasive’s lateral fusion. In 2019, the cervical design is expected to enter 3-level clinical trials. This represents the only cervical viscoelastic disc with multi-level indications.

NanoFUSE is FDA-cleared for use with demineralized bone matrix. Its manufacturing process produces a bioactive glass with high efficacy demonstrated in animal studies. The product is indicated for use in all orthopedic procedures and has been used by over 300 surgeons and implanted in over 1,200 patients.

Source: KICVentures LLC

Product Labels: Bone Graft Materials/DBM, Synthetic Bone Graft, Spine Artificial Disc

Tags: M&A