The trauma market is largely driven by the need to repair fractures in the hips and upper extremities. In recent years, it has attracted established players from other orthopedic subsegments that seek to diversify their portfolios, startups with novel technology and numerous players focused specifically on foot and ankle. We spoke with David Kay, M.D., a foot and ankle surgeon and orthopedic device entrepreneur, to gain his perspective on current and future factors affecting the trauma market. His comments originally appeared in THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT.

The world of foot and ankle is vibrant and full of opportunity to solve real problems. Honesty in implant improvement must take place at the design stage. Foot and ankle has the trifecta of implants. Depending on the case, I need hardware, soft tissue reconstruction and a biologic enhancer. This is unique in orthopaedics, and the company that wins recognizes the problem to be solved in its totality and not just a piecemeal approach.

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