Aurora Spine Debuts Pain Care Division

By Julie A. Vetalice

Aurora Spine Debuts Pain Care Division

Aurora Spine has created a new Pain Care Division to serve the growing segment of pain care.

Many practices now offer pain management and employ more pain interventionalists than spine surgeons with newer products and services such as Aurora’s ZIP™ Screwless Fixation and SiLO™ Posterior Si-Fusion (pictured above, left to right). Pain management physicians seeking to reduce the use of opioids may increasingly employ mechanical devices such as the ZIP and SiLO.

ZIP Screwless Fusion comprises minimally invasive implants featuring a large barrel designed for ZIP GRAFT™ or other bone material.

SiLO consists of three levels of ridges along its circumferential solid body to increase implant retention and solidity through its “Dowel Anchorage Design.” The SiLO implant is shaped for 360-degree bone incorporation along with dual, vertical side channels.

Trent Northcutt, President and CEO of Aurora Spine, said, “The pain care market has been a rapidly growing sector of the spinal health market. Many practices have established pain care within their practices to implement new treatments to treat back pain before sending a patient to surgery. Seeing these shifts in the market, Aurora created new products for the pain care marketplace, including products that can assist pain interventionists when treating patients and avoid or limit the use of opioids. We believe our focus on the pain care market will allow us to leverage several Aurora products into the pain care marketplace and offer patients and doctors more solutions to helping them treat chronic back pain.”

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion