ATEC Launches InVictus MIS Tower for Spinal Fixation

By Julie A. Vetalice

ATEC Launches InVictus MIS Tower for Spinal Fixation

ATEC commenced commercial launch of the InVictus™ MIS Tower, an intuitive system designed for minimally invasive percutaneous fixation. The system is the next evolution of InVictus™, ATEC’s comprehensive spinal fixation platform for treatment of a range of pathologies with intraoperative adaptability through open, MIS or hybrid approaches.

The InVictus Tower features two low-profile removable towers, engineered to stay secured to cannulated dual-lead polyaxial screws, improving control and supporting long construct manipulation.

When paired with the SingleStep™ technique, the MIS Tower may obviate the need for guide wires, which can lead to surgical complications. It integrates with SafeOp™ Neural InformatiX System to deliver real-time, actionable information during pedicle preparation and screw insertion. InVictus MIS Tower also couples with InVictus MOD and InVictus OPEN to streamline in situ tulip attachment, acting as a guide for reliable rod passage and adapting intraoperatively to the surgical requirements of any procedure.

“The novel components designed into the InVictus Platform are the result of ATEC being willing to invest where others won’t – in the procedural requirements that improve surgical outcomes,” said Pat Miles, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The InVictus MIS Tower system is an important addition to our comprehensive posterior solution as it opens the door for surgeons to increasingly partner with ATEC for MIS degenerative and deformity applications. We are committed to continuing to develop differentiated, integrated solutions in order to expand surgeon adoption and loyalty, and to better serve patients.”

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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