Arthrosurface Trial Results with PF Wave Implant

By Julie A. Vetalice

Five-year midterm clinical study results reconfirmed joint preservation in patellofemoral surgery using Arthrosurface's PF Wave™ Implant. This follows an observation of significantly improved postoperative outcomes with high patient satisfaction at two-year follow-up.

The inlay design presents an anatomic approach to treating a loss of cartilage that is limited to the central knee joint, and is an alternative to onlay implants that require extensive bone cuts and sit high on the new joint surface.

The company's Patello Femoral HemiCAP® is available in 2 sizes with 21 trochlear convexities and 13 different patellas. The PF Classic system is indicated for isolated and contained lesions of the trochlea groove and patella. PF Wave is indicated for patients who have more diffuse or extensive damage to the PF joint. Both the trochlea and patella implants are designed as inlay implants to maintain and restore congruency in the PF joint, which is critical for proper patella tracking.

Sources: Arthrosurface, Inc.;

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

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