Arthrosurface to Launch Inlay Glenoid for OVO Primary Stemless Total Shoulder

By Julie A. Vetalice

Within 2017, Arthrosurface plans commercial EU launch of an inlay glenoid component for the OVO™ primary stemless total shoulder.

OVO comprises a Cobalt Chromium stemless, non-spherical humeral head with an UHMWPE polyethylene inlay glenoid. Studies have shown that the non-spherical head optimizes the shoulder's natural movement, while the inlay glenoid showed no loosening at 4,000 cycles vs. onlay designs, which were clinically loose after ~1,100 cycles.

The company is highlighting OVO and supportive study data on the inlay glenoid at AAOS 2017, in Booth #2145.

Source: Arthrosurface, Inc.

Product Labels: Shoulder Replacement

Tags: Product Launch