Arthrosurface Launches OVOMotion Stemless Total Shoulder

By Julie A. Vetalice

Arthrosurface commenced full U.S. launch of the stemless OVOMotion™  total shoulder to treat damage from arthritis, trauma or avascular necrosis. OVOMotion received FDA 510(k) clearance in April.

The design combines anatomic restoration with a cobalt chromium stemless, non-spherical humeral head, and is cleared for use with the company’s UHMWPE polyethylene Inlay Glenoid system.

Studies have shown that the non-spherical head optimizes the shoulder’s natural movement, while the inlay glenoid showed no loosening at 4,000 cycles vs. onlay designs, which were clinically loose after ~1,100 cycles.

Leadership states that the company will develop modular components for OVOMotion.

Sources: Arthrosurface; ORTHOWORLD, Inc.

Product Labels: Shoulder Replacement

Tags: Product Launch