Arthrosurface Introduces SpiralUp TCL Allograft

By Julie A. Vetalice

Arthrosurface Introduces SpiralUp TCL Allograft

SpiralUp TCL Allograft - Arthrosurface

Arthrosurface launched the SpiralUp™ TCL allograft system to treat talocalcaneal instability, peritalar subluxation and other injuries resulting in instability in the subtalar joint. SpiralUp supplements the TCL ligament by acting as a dense, strong and flexible connective tissue layer to improve the function of the foot as well as conditions along the musculoskeletal chain, meaning that it stabilizes the subtalar and midtarsal joints while also addressing conditions such as arch, leg, knee and lower back discomfort.

The SpiralUp is longer and more functional than traditional metal implants, and because it is inserted across 80% to 90% of the sinus tarsi, it can stabilize the anterior, middle and posterior facets of the subtalar joint more effectively than metal implants.

"The foot is the foundation of the body. When it or the gait cycle is compromised, an imbalance can be created throughout the body leading to strain and excessive wear of joints," said Steve Ek, CEO of Arthrosurface. "The SpiralUp™ TCL Allograft System represents yet another early intervention product in our portfolio that is designed to address the root cause of these types of problem and mitigate other cumulative effects throughout the musculoskeletal chain."

Product Labels: Orthobiologic Soft Tissue Repair, Bone Graft Materials/DBM

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