Alphatec Launches InVictus MIS SingleStep K-wireless Delivery System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Alphatec released the InVictus™ Minimally Invasive (MIS) SingleStep K-wireless implant delivery system. SingleStep limits the potential for complications associated with inadvertent K-wire advancement during traditional MIS pedicle screw placement. An all-in-one driver is designed to enhance surgical efficiency without compromising accuracy.

This commercial release follows successful evaluations that began in January 2019. The company debuted the InVictus fixation system in July.

SingleStep is designed to completely eliminate guidewire management. Key features:

  • Limits potential complications associated with inadvertent guidewire advancement by eliminating the requirement for K-wires
  • Novel ratcheting handle for rapid pedicle screw delivery and single instrument-pass functionality
  • Simplified approach reduces procedural steps by 50%, streamlining screw insertion time and potentially reducing reliance on fluoroscopy
  • Steerable stainless steel stylet seamlessly perforates the pedicle
  • Integration with SafeOp technology reinforces confidence during stylet and screw insertion

Source: Alphatec Holdings, Inc.

Tags: Product Launch