AlloSource Launches ProChondrix Cartilage Restoration Matrix

By Julie A. Vetalice

AlloSource launched ProChondrix® Cartilage Restoration Matrix, a cellular 3D fresh cartilage allograft to support cartilage regeneration.

This next-generation cartilage therapy is designed to match biomechanical and biochemical properties of normal hyaline cartilage and restore a smooth articular cartilage surface.

An extracellular matrix offers structure for cellular migration and adhesion while preserving growth factors to maintain healthy cartilage and facilitate chondrocyte function. ProChondrix also contains viable chondrocytes that may aid in cartilage repair, generating extracellular matrix proteins to help promote chondrogenesis.

Source: AlloSource


The company was awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,186,253, Cartilage mosaic compositions and methods, in January 2016 for the ProChondrix product.

Product Labels: Orthobiologic Soft Tissue Repair

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