AlloSource Completes ProChondrix Study Milestone

By Julie A. Vetalice

AlloSource Completes ProChondrix Study Milestone

The first patients have completed 12-month follow-up in AlloSource's five-year study, A Prospective, Multi-Center Study Evaluating ProChondrix® CR for the Repair of Focal Articular Cartilage Defects in the Knee.

ProChondrix CR cryopreserved osteochondral allograft is a single-stage option to deliver the components for articular cartilage restoration. This cartilage restoration therapy provides live, functional cells and biological components necessary for the repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissue. A two-year shelf life helps alleviate inventory management challenges of other cartilage products, and provides surgeons with more flexibility for their patients.

Product Labels: Bone Graft Materials/DBM

Tags: Trial/Study