Acumed Launches Ulna Nail 2 Fracture Repair System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Acumed Launches Ulna Nail 2 Fracture Repair System

Acumed commenced launch of the Ulna Nail 2 System, created to treat simple, transverse and short oblique fractures, as well as osteotomies of the ulna. The system is designed to provide a less invasive intramedullary approach to reduce soft-tissue irritation and preserve the osseous blood supply, which can aid in fracture union compared to traditional open reduction internal fixation.

The Acumed Ulna Nail 2 is available in three diameters and seven lengths. The system offers a universal instrumentation base set, making it possible for one set to support multiple intramedullary nail families.

The system also offers updated instrumentation, including carbon fiber radiolucent targeting guides to streamline the procedure, threaded holes within the nail for interlocking constructs, and low-profile, headless hexalobe screws.

“The nails feature contouring to accommodate the shape of the intramedullary canal and are designed to address varying patient anatomy,” said Milton Torres, Vice President, Hand and Upper Extremity at Acumed. “Our proprietary Tip-Loc technology achieves stabilization of the nail’s far end through a sized bushing and set screw combination, which allows for fracture rotation and length control.”

Source: Acumed

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