Accelus to Grow via Business Combination

By Julie A. Vetalice

Accelus to Grow via Business Combination

Integrity Implants, d/b/a Accelus, entered into a definitive business combination agreement with CHP Merger Corp., a special purpose acquisition company. The transaction is expected to complete in early 2022, and the combined company will bear the Accelus name. Revenue is forecasted to be an estimated $176 million by 2025.

Established through the combination of Integrity Implants and Fusion Robotics, Accelus is pursuing the adoption of minimally invasive surgery as the standard of care in spine. With a portfolio of MIS spinal implants leveraging its proprietary Adaptive Geometry™ technology (FlareHawk, TiHawk, etc.) and the compact remi™ robotic navigation platform, Accelus is focused on improving procedures and outcomes, creating favorable economics, and providing broad accessibility across end markets, including ambulatory surgery centers and internationally. Other products include pedicle screws and a demineralized bone matrix.

Chris Walsh, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Accelus, said, “We believe our highly differentiated, high-margin product portfolio has the power to drive broad adoption of robotics and minimally invasive techniques in spinal care, both in hospitals and ASCs, by addressing critical constraints related to cost and efficiency. Our products can uniquely meet demand across broad market segments with adaptable solutions to cover each surgeon’s preferred approach and each healthcare facility’s space and budget limitations, embodying our principle of access without compromise. This transaction stands to significantly accelerate our commercial efforts and to transform spinal surgery with MIS approaches.”

Sources: Accelus, Investor Presentation

Product Labels: Surgical Navigation, Spinal Fusion

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