Accelus Launches Ultra-Low-Profile FlareHawk7 Expandable Cage

By Julie A. Vetalice

Accelus Launches Ultra-Low-Profile FlareHawk7 Expandable Cage

Accelus introduced FlareHawk7, a multidirectionally expandable lumbar fusion device that is inserted at an ultra-low profile of 7mm to help minimize neural retraction before expanding in both the cranial-caudal and medial-lateral planes to provide sagittal and coronal correction, foraminal height restoration and the stability to promote fusion.

The FlareHawk7 platform features instruments designed to accommodate surgeons’ technique preferences. For endoscopic TLIF, surgeons can leverage access with instruments to allow direct visualization of disc preparation and implant delivery. For MIS procedures, surgeons are provided access to the disc space through Kambin’s triangle while also preserving the patient’s normal anatomy. In a “mini-open” procedure, the need for neural retraction can be minimized thanks to the smaller insertion footprint that is similar in profile to a No. 2 pencil.

FlareHawk7 permits concurrent expansion in height and width to restore disc height without sacrificing stability. It enters the disc space with a compact 7mm x 7mm profile and then expands up to 11mm x 12mm—a 57% increase in width and 72% increase in height—with 0° and 6° lordosis options. This provides a larger surface contact area to distribute load with the goal of reducing subsidence in weak, osteoporotic bone. The implant’s open architecture design also allows significant graft delivery through the implant and into the surrounding disc space.

The FlareHawk family of implants utilizes a PEEK shell and internal shim, providing a small insertion profile to minimize neural retraction during insertion and then allowing expansion in height, width and lordosis, designed to reduce subsidence, restore foraminal height and re-establish sagittal balance. To date, over 10,500 FlareHawk cages have been implanted in more than 9,000 patients.

Accelus was founded in 2021 through the combination of Integrity Implants and Fusion Robotics.

Source: Accelus

Product Labels: Lumbar Spine, Spinal Fusion

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