Accelus Launches TiHawk7 Expanding Interbody Cage

By Julie A. Vetalice

Accelus Launches TiHawk7 Expanding Interbody Cage

Accelus commenced alpha launch and first procedures performed utilizing its TiHawk7™ expandable interbody cage.

Similar to other FlareHawk devices, TiHawk7 brings together an open-architecture design that allows for maximum graft delivery in and through the cage with the ability for the cage to conform to patients’ endplate topography. The device also features an ultra-low insertion profile of 7mm tall x 7mm wide, similar in size to a No. 2 pencil, and expands to form a 12mm tall x 11mm wide interbody footprint.

TiHawk7 also features innovative instrumentation that allows for comprehensive disc prep and direct visualization of the disc prep for endoscopically assisted TLIF procedures. This allows surgeons to access the disc space through Kambin’s triangle to minimize the need for neural retraction and help preserve the patient’s normal anatomy.

“TiHawk7 encompasses all of the implant advantages needed to make MIS spine procedures successful: an ultra-low insertion profile with multidirectional interbody expansion combined with the benefits of an innovative titanium and PEEK bonding process,” said Chris Walsh, CEO and Co-founder of Accelus. “Our titanium is deposited in a thin, uniform layer at the bony interface in a manner that does not inhibit the favorable properties of PEEK. This allows for easy radiographic visualization for implant placement and fusion assessment while providing for a modulus more similar to bone.”

Source: Accelus

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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