About ORTHOWORLD Membership

ORTHOWORLD Members share a common interest: boosting their contribution to and their knowledge of the orthopedic industry.

To that end,

  • ORTHOWORLD’s assemblage of market analysis, company revenue, mergers & acquisitions, executive insights and actionable advice help Members validate and drive internal decisions and forecast market and company growth.
  • Members bolster their knowledge of key market trends and their competition.
  • Members identify targets for potential partnerships and acquisitions.
  • Members praise the timeliness, accuracy and trustworthiness of ORTHOWORLD’s business intelligence, which saves them valuable time and resources.
  • Members recognize that ORTHOWORLD’s proprietary sales estimates and forecasts are not available anywhere else.
  • Members routinely tout ORTHOWORLD’s white-glove service and care —phone calls and emails are answered and feedback and questions are escalated for prompt attention.

Executive Membership vs. Elite Membership – what’s the difference?

Executive Members account for the majority of Members and they use ORTHOWORLD’s business intelligence as described above — to bolster their knowledge of key market trends and drive internal decisions and forecasts with the ultimate goal of improving individual and company performance.

Elite Membership was born from Executive Members’ requests for more numbers.

Elite Members’ job responsibilities and interests are such that they require a deeper dive into the data that drive ORTHOWORLD’s forecasts and company revenue coverage. They require historical performance in addition to the present day in order to bolster their internal models, predictions and plans. Elite Members have access to ORTHOWORLD’s proprietary revenue models and every report and data file we produce.

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