3D-Side Launches Customize Software in the U.S.

By Julie A. Vetalice

3D-Side Launches Customize Software in the U.S.

3D-Side commenced U.S. launch of Customize, a web-based platform to communicate, produce and design custom made devices.

Customize is an online platform that includes tools for design, production management and communication among healthcare providers/manufacturers/patients, in pursuit of better outcomes and shorter lead times by optimizing the entire process of 3D surgical planning and production of patient-specific medical devices. Users can access and discuss their custom cases anywhere, anytime and online.

The platform enables zero waste of time in communication, lead times reduced up to 10 times and 100% automatic traceability to meet regulations requirements.

3D-Side will employ Customize to supply surgeons with the company's own products (solutions for bone tumor resection, instruments for pediatric resection, etc.) and will also distribute the software to implant manufacturers.

Product Labels: Surgical Planning

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