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BARE BONES® - November 3, 2014
Integra LifeSciences will spin off its spine business to a publicly-traded company called SeaSpine, focused on developing, marketing and selling hardware and orthobiologics. Integra will conti...
3Q14 Revenue: Integra LifeSciences
$91.6MM, -7% (U.S. $78.6MM, -4%; ex-U.S. $12.9MM, -23%) U.S. Extremities $36.7MM, +15% U.S. Spine & Other $42.0MM, -11% (Spine -3%, Private Label +26%)   Strong growth from Total Foot System and shoulder launch, Premier...
BARE BONES® - September 18, 2014
Integra LifeSciences commenced full U.S. commercial release of the Integra® Freedom Wrist Arthroplasty System. During limited release, the system was successfully implanted in 21 patients. (
BARE BONES® - August 5, 2014
Integra LifeSciences reported 2Q14 orthopaedic revenue of US $79.5MM, +5% from 2Q13. (U.S. Extremities $43.4MM, +8%, U.S. Spine & Other $45.0MM, +4%) (
2Q14 Revenue: Integra LifeSciences
Orthopaedic revenue $79.5MM, +5% U.S. Extremities $43.4MM, +8% (includes skin and wound repair products) U.S. Spine & Other $45.0MM, +4% (U.S. Spine flat; Private Label $14.1MM)   Growth buoyed by shoulder product launc...
BARE BONES® - June 12, 2014
Integra LifeSciences' Orthopedics and Tissue Technologies group signed a 3-year group purchasing contract with Premier to provide its alliance members with small bone orthopedic implants for the treatment of
BARE BONES® - May 1, 2014
Integra LifeSciences reported 1Q14 orthopaedic revenue of US $72.9MM, -2.5% from 1Q13. (U.S. Extremities $31.9MM, +2%, U.S. Spine & Other $41.0MM, -6%) (
1Q14 Revenue: Integra LifeSciences
$72.9MM, -3% U.S. Extremities $31.9MM, +2% U.S. Spine & Other $41.0MM, -6% (U.S. Spine -7%)   Extremities impacted somewhat by weather U.S. Spine decline entirely in hardware; biologics grew in mid-single...
BARE BONES® - March 13, 2014
Integra LifeSciences announced the 1st implantation of the Integra® Laminoplasty System, in the U.S. The system is designed to treat ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligamen...
BARE BONES® - February 27, 2014
Integra LifeSciences received FDA 510(k) clearance to market Integra® Titanium Bone Wedges, designed for internal fixation of bone fractures or osteotomies in the foot/ankle....
BARE BONES® - February 25, 2014
Integra LifeSciences reported 4Q13 orthopaedic revenue of US $82.7MM, +5% from 4Q12, and 2013 orthopaedic revenue of $314.6MM, +0.4% from 2012. (2013 by segment: U.S. Extremities $134.6MM, +10%
4Q13/2013 Revenue: Integra LifeSciences
4Q13 orthopaedic revenue: $82.7MM, +5% Extremities +13% (U.S. +16%) Orthopaedics +7% U.S. Spine & Other -3%   Extremities led by hardware growth +20% (citing controlled market release of Titan sh...
2013: Who, What, Where and When in an Orthopaedic Year
Before we dive into 2014, let’s review what 2013 wrought. We’ve collected the start-ups, expansions and closures, mergers and acquisitions, fundings, first 510(k)s and products launched across the orthopaedic universe in the preceding 12 months. (Please note, start-ups, first 510(k...
BARE BONES® - October 28, 2013
Integra LifeSciences reported 3Q13 orthopaedic revenue of ~US $80.4MM, -2% from 3Q12. (U.S. Extremities $33.5MM, +2%, U.S. Spine & Other $46.9MM, -5%) (
3Q13 Revenue: Integra LifeSciences
$80.4MM, -2% U.S. Extremities $33.5MM, +2% (Hardware +10%) U.S. Spine & Other $46.9MM, -5% Extremities includes products serving the skin and wound repair markets ~60% soft tissue/40% metal)   Increasing orth...
BARE BONES® - October 23, 2013
Integra LifeSciences plans to close 2 manufacturing facilities and discontinue certain product lines in segments including Extremities, Instruments, Neurosurgery, International and U.S. Spine and Other. Further, the company es...
BARE BONES® - October 17, 2013
Integra LifeSciences commenced U.S. launch of the Integra® Proximal Humeral Fracture Plate system, including 2 anatomic plates in 1 tray to enable intraoperative choice of various fix...
BARE BONES® - October 10, 2013
Integra LifeSciences received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the Integra® Laminoplasty set of implants and instruments, designed for use following open-door laminoplasty procedures in the cervical and...
BARE BONES® - October 9, 2013
Integra LifeSciences received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the Integra® Hollywood™ NanoMetalene™ Interbody Device, used primarily in Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion.
BARE BONES® - September 23, 2013
Integra LifeSciences announced the 1st implantation of the Integra® Titan™ Reverse Shoulder System, in the U.S. The system's platform stem is desigend to simplify conversion
BARE BONES® - August 1, 2013
Integra LifeSciences reported 2Q13 orthopaedic revenue of US $76.5MM, -5% from 2Q12. (U.S. Extremities $33.5MM, +5%, U.S. Spine & Other $42.9MM, -12%) (
2Q13 Revenue: Integra LifeSciences
Orthopaedic sales $76.5MM, -5% U.S. Extremities $33.5MM, +5% U.S. Spine & Other $42.9MM, -12%   Orthobiologics flat due to backorders in collagen and ceramic bone void fillers; supply should return to normal by end ...
BARE BONES® - July 31, 2013
Integra LifeSciences received FDA 510(k) clearance for the Integra® Titan™ Reverse Shoulder. Limited U.S. launch is slated for 3Q13. The system features fully i...
BARE BONES® - July 18, 2013
Integra LifeSciences launched the Integra® Total Foot System 2 to address reconstruction and acute fractures in the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot. The system offers a variety of plates in multiple si...
Looking Back at INFUSE: 2002 to Today
In mid-June, two independent research groups released a long-awaited review of trial data regarding the use of Medtronic’s INFUSE recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2). The following timeline summarizes events that brought us here from the product’s initial cle...
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