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aap Gains Funding to Support Antibacterial Silver Coating Technology
aap Implantate received a funding commitment of up to €0.7 million (~USD $0.8 million) to conceive and qualify a human clinical study to supp...
aap Sales Decline on U.S. Distribution Loss
aap Implantate reports 3Q19 revenue of €2.8MM (USD $3.1MM), -0.1% vs. 3Q18.
Orthopedic Public Companies Grow 2.6% YoY in Quarter
By Mike Evers The second quarter of 2019 brought incremental improvement over the first. Year over year revenue grew 2.6% in the quarter for the public companies reported herein compared to 1.1% last quarter. The five largest orthopedic players, which control 58% of the market, showed a...
aap Implantate Gains FDA Clearance for LOQTEQ VA Calcaneus Plates
aap Implantate received FDA 510(k) clearance to market LOQTEQ® variable angle calcaneus plates 3.5 to treat heel fractures. 
aap Implantate Down in 2Q19 on International Softness
aap Implantate reports 2Q19 revenue of €2.5MM (USD $2.8MM), -7% vs. 2Q18.
aap Granted European Patent for Resorbable Magnesium Technology
aap Implantate was granted a European patent to describe and protect the process by which the company's magnesium implants are coated. 
aap Gains FDA Clearance for LOQTEQ VA Plates
aap Implantate received FDA 510(k) clearance to market LOQTEQ® VA foot plates 2.5. Launch will commence in 2020.
aap to Discontinue Portions of Standard Trauma Business
aap Implantate will discontinue parts of its standard trauma portfolio by the end of 2019, and will focus instead on LOQTEQ® plates, silver coating technolo...
Orthopedic Sales in Line with Seasonal Expectations for 1Q19
By Mike Evers The first quarter of 2019 brought modest growth to the orthopedic market, as expected seasonal softness and more competition in digital surgery platforms slowed sales for some of the largest players. The 25 companies listed herein had combined total orthopedic sales of $8....
aap Reports 1Q19 Revenue of €3.5MM, +23.4% vs. 1Q18
aap Implantate reports 1Q19 revenue of €3.5MM (USD $3.9MM), +23.4% vs. 1Q18.
aap Reports 4Q18 Revenue of €2.6MM, -9.8% vs. 4Q17
aap Implantate reports 4Q18 revenue of €2.6MM, -9.8% vs. 4Q17, with full year 2018 revenue o...
aap Implantate Reports Positive LOQTEQ Study Results
In biomechanical study, aap Implantate's LOQTEQ® anatomical fracture plating system displayed better explantation properties ...
aap Reports 3Q18 Revenue of €2.8MM, +7.3% vs. 3Q17
aap reports 3Q18 revenue of €2.8MM (US $3.4MM), +7.3% vs. 3Q17.
aap Receives Funding for Antibacterial Silver Coating Technology
aap Implantate will receive federal funding in Germany to pursue human clinical study of antibacterial s...
Integra LifeSciences to Distribute aap Implantate's LOQTEQ Distal Radius System
Integra LifeSciences signed an agreement with aap Implantate to distribute the LOQTEQ®
aap Enters US Distribution Agreement for LOQTEQ Radius System
aap Implantate entered into a distribution agreement for the LOQTEQ® Radius System with an unnam...
aap Implantate's New U.S. Distribution Contract for LOQTEQ Products
aap Implantate entered into a distribution contract for LOQTEQ® trauma products with an unnamed U.S. h...
Company Revenue 3Q16: A Final Look
By Julie A. Vetalice As we wrap up orthopaedic revenue for the latest reporting period, we observe that Stryker and Zimmer Biomet lead the largest orthopaedic companies in 3Q16 growth:
aap Implantate Posts 3Q16 Revenue
aap Implantate reported 3Q16 trauma product revenue of €2.9MM (~US $3.1MM), -14.8% vs. 3Q15. 
aap Implantate Launches Polyaxial LOQTEQ® VA Ankle System
aap Implantate launched polyaxial LOQTEQ® Variable Angle Distal Tibia and Fibula Plates 2.7/3.5. 
aap Implantate Launches Periprosthetic LOQTEQ System
aap Implantate commenced launch of its periprosthetic LOQTEQ® system, beginning with a distal lat...
Company Revenue Update, 1H16
By Julie A. Vetalice We complete our coverage of 1H16 revenue in this issue. Stryker and Smith & Nephew lead the top five in growth, with 1H16 performance in the low-single-digits compared to 1H15. DePuy Synthes and Zimmer Biomet reported
aap Implantate 2Q16 Revenue
aap Implantate reported 2Q16 revenue of €5.1MM (~US $5.7MM), -21.6% vs. 2Q15. Growth is as reported.
CoreLink Partners with The Stephens Group
The Stephens Group, a private investment firm, announced that it finalized its partnership with CoreLink. Ter...
1H16 M&A Recap: Big Players Make Moves
During 1H16, seven of the eight largest orthopaedic device companies confirmed or completed acquisitions or divestitures spanning nearly every orthopaedic market segment. Most notably, Stryker and Zimmer Biomet both announced three orthopaedic-related acquisitions, with Zimmer Biom...
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