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BARE BONES® - September 5, 2012
aap Implantate received FDA 510(k) clearance for the small fragment plating segment of its LOQTEQ® trauma system. aap expects a global launch of 8 additional LOQTEC systems in 2013
BARE BONES® - August 14, 2012
aap Implantate reported 2Q12 sales of €9.0MM (~US $11.1MM), +18% from 2Q11. (aap Implantate AG, 8/14/12)
BARE BONES® - June 21, 2012
Integra LifeSciences entered into a contract to distribute a private label version of the new Stainless Headed Compression Screw System, manufactured by aap Implantate. The system is intended ...
Final 1Q12 Results
ORTHOWORLD’s estimates place overall 1Q12 market growth at 4% over 1Q11, as shown in Exhibit 1. Performance highlights follow and pertain to 1Q12, unless noted otherwise. Exhibit 1 Orthopaedic Sales1 Increas...
BARE BONES® - May 15, 2012
aap Implantate posted 1Q12 sales of €9.9MM (~US $12.7MM), +51% from 1Q11, with product sales ~$9.8MM, +18%. (
Final Results: 2011 vs. 2010 Company Performance
ORTHOWORLD’s estimates place overall 2011 market growth at 4% over 2010, as displayed in Exhibit 1. Performance highlights follow and pertain to both 4Q11 and 2011, as indicated. Exhibit 1: Orthopaedic Sales Increases1 by Product...
BARE BONES® - March 30, 2012
 aap Implantate posted 2011 product sales of €29.2MM (~US $38.9MM), +6% from 2010. (aap Implantate AG , 3/30/12)
BARE BONES® - March 23, 2012
aap Biomaterials signed an agreement with an undisclosed company, granting exclusive ex-U.S. license to a proprietary injectable bone matrix product for orthopaedic and spinal applicat...
3Q11: A First Look at Financials: aap Implantate
AAP IMPLANTATE €6.9MM (~US $9.4MM), -4% * Commenced international launch of LOQTEQ trauma products * Signed 2 new contracts for biomaterials with customers in Brazil and Israel
Final 2Q11 Results: aap Implantate
AAP IMPLANTATE €7.6MM (~US $10.9MM), +9% * Launched WSG trauma product in Germany; filing for FDA clearance in 4Q11 * Commenced delivery of antibiotic-laden collagen fleece * Signed agreement for U.S. distribution of cannulated screws
Next Round of 1Q11 Results: aap Implantate
AAP IMPLANTATE €6.5MM (~US $9.3MM), +13% * Reduced staff devoted to R&D, in part to support focus on trauma, bone cement, cementing techniques * Completed testing of cement specifically for trauma applications * Commenced optimization of ma...
A Final Look at 2010 Results:
AAP IMPLANTATE €28.4MM (~US $40.2MM), -14%
ORTHOKNOW® - November 10, 2010
QUARTERLY REVIEW3Q10 Company FinancialsHere is the first look at select company financials for 3Q. Our estimates place year over year overall market growth at 4%, as indicated in Exhibit 1, which displays growth by product segment. Performance highlights relate to 3Q10, unless o...
ORTHOKNOW® - September 9, 2010
QUARTERLY REVIEW2Q10 Company FinancialsWe present remaining 2Q financials for select companies. Figures given reflect 2Q growth unless otherwise noted, and U.S. currency conversions are approximate. Performance highlights follow. Exhibit 1 reflects 2Q growth year over year...
ORTHOKNOW® - June 9, 2010
QUARTERLY REVIEWWrapping Up 1Q10Following are the last results from 1Q reports. Exhibit 1 shows orthopaedic sales growth by product segment for select companies, followed by performance highlights. (Please note, all coverage refers to performance from 1Q10 unless specifically no...
ORTHOKNOW® - April 9, 2010
YEAR IN REVIEWHere are the remaining performance highlights for companies that had not published at press time in March. AAP IMPLANTATE€33.1MM (US $44.6MM), +4%Transferred dental sales to an exclusive distributor; focusing R&D on core ortho, trauma and spi...
BARE BONES® - January 15, 2009
ACROBOT and ALLIANCE MEDICAL will collaborate on integrating Alliance’s CT scanners with Acrobot’s Modeller, Planner and Navigator tools for use in joint replacement. This represents Acrobot’s 1st commercial agreement using Modeller software.(Acrobot, 12/1/08)A...
BARE BONES® - October 15, 2008
aap bio implants signed a distribution agreement with Zimmer (ZMH) for EASYMIX® and EASYMIX® PRO vacuum mixing systems for bone cement. ZMH will begin product distribution in Europe and other select markets. Further, ZMH commenced marketing aap’s HI-FATIGUE® bone cement. (aap Impla...
BARE BONES® - July 15, 2008
Through a merger agreement, which is expected to close in 3Q08, CARDO MEDICAL will become a wholly owned subsidiary of CLICKNSETTLE. Cardo Medical’s subsidiary companies include ACCELERATED INNOVATION, CERVICAL XPAND and UNI-KNEE, and its product portfolio includes FDA-cleared devices for spina...
BARE BONES® - January 15, 2008
aap secured ? 1MM (US $1.5MM) in development funding which will support set-up of Good Manufacturing Practice production of ultra-clean, detoxicated biopolymers used in spinal adhesion barriers. (aap Implantate AG, 12/11/07)
BARE BONES® - October 15, 2007
aap completed acquisition of all shares in FAME Holding and its subsidiaries. (See Bare Bones, 10/06.) (aap Implantate AG, 9/20/07)
BARE BONES® - September 15, 2007
AAP IMPLANTATE (AAQ) acquired Ad-con®-L, WRIGHT MEDICAL’s (WMGI) product designed for inhibition of scarring and adhesions following lumbar surgery. AAQ intends to secure FDA clearance for Adcon-L and to develop a broader adhesion control product portfolio within coming years. Further, AAQ s...
BARE BONES® - September 15, 2007
AAQ placed on hold a number of resolutions, including a change of company name (See Bare Bones, 7/07.) and company purpose, as well as approval of a divestiture and takeover agreement. Within the next 12 months, AAQ plans to focus on the biological implants segment. (aap Implantate AG, 8/14/07)
BARE BONES® - July 15, 2007
AAP IMPLANTATE is renamed APP BIOIMPLAPLANTS, reflecting its intent to focus solely on implantable medical biomaterials such as bone cements, bone replacement materials, infection therapy and tissue generation. (aap Implantate AG, 6/20/07)
BARE BONES® - January 15, 2007
AAP IMPLANTATE and FAME MEDICAL signed an acquisition agreement pursuant to their intent to merge. (See Bare Bones, 10/06.) The FAME group comprises 4 companies: BACTIMM ANALYTICS, EUROPEAN MEDICAL CONTRACT MANUFACTURING, FAME MEDICAL PRODUCTS and TISSUE PROCESSING INTTERNATIONAL. (aap Implantate AG...
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