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BARE BONES® - March 5, 2014
aap Implantate completed its divestiture of its European Medical Contract Manufacturing division. (
BARE BONES® - February 25, 2014
aap Implantate entered into a definitive agreement under which a private equity firm will acquire its European Medical Contract Manufacturing (EMCM) business for €18MM (~US $24.7MM) in cash
AAOS Preview: Technologies and Partners to Discover in 2014
Updated 2/19/2015: As you prepare for AAOS 2015, review the below list of 2014 new and notable companies to see who made strategic moves in the industry. Of the 23 companies p...
BARE BONES® - February 7, 2014
aap Implantate received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its silver coating technology, designed to help prevent biofilm formation on implants and thus reduce infecti...
BARE BONES® - November 11, 2013
aap Implantate posted 3Q13 revenue of €8.8MM (~US $11.7MM), +2% from 3Q12. (Trauma ~US $3MM, +50%) (
3Q13 Revenue: aap Implantate
€8.8MM (~US $11.7MM), +2% Trauma ~$3MM, +50% LOQTEQ ~$1.5MM, +83% Trauma growth driven by SMIT (South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey) and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Signed new LOQTEQ distribution agreement with Sa...
BARE BONES® - October 8, 2013
aap Implantate posted preliminary 3Q13 revenue of €8.8MM (~US $11.94MM), +2% from 3Q12, with Trauma sales of ~$3.1MM, +53%. (
BARE BONES® - August 14, 2013
aap Implantate reported 2Q13 sales of €9.2MM (~US $12.2MM), +1% from 2Q12. (Trauma ~$3.7MM, +155%) (
2Q13 Revenue: aap Implantate
€9.2MM (~US $12.2MM), +1% (Trauma ~$3.7MM, +155%) OEM sales of bone cement/cementing techniques down slightly, offset by strong LOQTEQ and biomaterials sales Divested non-core recon products (hip, knee, shoulder)  
BARE BONES® - July 9, 2013
aap Implantate reported preliminary 1H13 revenue of €19.5MM (~US $25MM), +3% from 1H12, and 2Q13 estimated revenue of ~$11.8MM, +2% from 2Q12. (1H13 Trauma/LOQTEQ
BARE BONES® - June 28, 2013
aap Implantate entered into a joint venture whereby a private equity company will acquire 67% of the shares of aap Joints, a reconstructive implant subsidiary in Asia, for €3MM
BARE BONES® - May 15, 2013
aap Implantate posted 1Q13 sales of €10.4MM (~US $13.4MM), +5% from 1Q12. (Trauma ~$1.94MM, +15%: LOQTEQ ~$0.5MM, +300%) (
1Q13 Revenue: aap Implantate
€10.4MM (~US $13.4MM), +5% (Trauma ~$1.94MM, +15%: LOQTEQ ~$0.5MM, +300%) Entered a multi-year supply and development agreement for certain biomaterial products Entered into a joint venture to co-develop resorbable magnesium trauma products with Eontec
4Q12 and 2012 Revenue: aap Implantate
AAP IMPLANTATE  €36.4MM (~US $47.9MM), +25%  - LOQTEQ €2.0 (~US $2.6MM) - Signed pilot U.S. marketing agreement in 4Q for LOQTEQ plates - Signed agreement to co-develop bone cement with unnamed global me...
BARE BONES® - March 28, 2013
aap Implantate affirmed its 2012 product sales of €36.4MM (~US $47.9MM), +25% from 2011. (aap Implantate AG, 3/28/13)
BARE BONES® - March 21, 2013
To support its focus on trauma and select biomaterials, aap Implantate signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement with BiosCompass for rights to aap's Adcon® Gel...
BARE BONES® - March 18, 2013
aap Implantate and eontec agreed to form a 50/50 joint venture to co-develop biodegradable magnesium alloy-based medical implants, initially focusing on trauma applications. (
The Orthobiologics Market
As defined by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, orthobiologics are substances that orthopaedic surgeons use to help injuries heal more quickly. Orthobiologic products incorporate biology or biochemistry to repair, replace or regenerate musculoskeletal structures.  ...
BARE BONES® - January 7, 2013
aap Implantate posted preliminary 4Q12 revenue of €8.9MM (US $11.7MM), +9% from 4Q11, and 2012 preliminary revenue of €36.4MM ($47.9MM), +25% from 2011. (
BARE BONES® - December 10, 2012
aap Implantate received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the 1st 6 systems of the LOQTEQ® Trauma Plating line. LOQTEQ is designed to enable locking and compression with a single hole, enhancing...
BARE BONES® - December 7, 2012
KEY STRATEGIC 510(k)s DECEMBER 2012 LOQTEQ Proximal Humerus Plate 3.5, Short LOQTEQ Proximal Humerus Plate 3.5, etc. (AAP IMPLANTATE) Ascendx VCF Reduction System (ASCENDX SPINE) External Fixator System (CHRISTOPHER D. ENDARA)...
BARE BONES® - November 12, 2012
aap Implantate posted 3Q12 revenue of €8.6MM (~US $10.9MM), +25% from 3Q11. (aap Implantate AG, 11/12/1...
3Q12 Earnings: aap Implantate
€8.6MM (~US $10.9MM), +25% (Trauma +46%; Biomaterials +7%; Gels/Fluids/Bone Material Contract Manufacture +>100%) Received FDA clearance for LOQTEQ plating systems, expecting clearance of entire product family in 4Q Developing 6 additional LOQTEQ systems...
BARE BONES® - October 1, 2012
aap Implantate announced preliminary 3Q12 revenue of €8.6MM (~US $11.1MM), +25% from 3Q11. Growth was primarily driven by LOQTEQ® and biomaterial product sales. (
Final 2Q12 Results
ORTHOWORLD’s estimates place 2Q12 market growth at 5% over 2Q11, as shown in Exhibit 1. Performance highlights follow and pertain to 2Q12, unless otherwise noted.  Exhibit 1 Ort...
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