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Tecres and Keensight to Form Demetra
Demetra Holding has formed with investment from Tecres and Keensight, which acquired aap Implantate's biomaterials a...
aap Implantate Completes Sale of Biomaterials Unit
aap Implantate completed the sale...
aap Implantate Divests Biomaterials Unit
aap Implantate sold its biomaterials unit to an undisclosed private equity firm for €36MM (~US ...
Company Revenue 2015: aap Implantate
2015: €28.7MM (~US $31.3MM), -17.4% 4Q15: €6.7MM (~US $7.3MM), -22%  Trauma ~$2.9MM, -45% (LOQTEQ® ~$1.7MM, -45%) Orthobiologics ~$4.0MM, +-10% Other ~$0.3MM, -73%   Trauma decline attributed to ec...
M&A Update: Wright Medical Completes Merger with Tornier
By Julie Vetalice On October 1, 2015, Wright Medical announced successful completion of its merger with Tornier, forming Wright Medical Group N.V. Wright anticipates revenues to grow in the mid-teens with cost synergies in the range of US $40 ...
aap Implantate 3Q15 Revenue in Line with Expectations
aap Implantate posted preliminary 3Q15 sales of €8.4MM (~US $9.5MM), +7% from 3Q1...
BARE BONES® - August 17, 2015
aap Implantate reported 2Q15 sales of €6.5MM (~US $7.2MM), -20% from 2Q14. (Trauma ~$3.5MM, +8%: LOQTEQ ~$2.2MM, +15%; Biomaterials ~$3.5MM, -34%) (
BARE BONES® - June 10, 2015
aap Implantate signed 8 initial contracts for U.S. distribution of its LOQTEQ® products with non-stocking distributors, covering California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.
BARE BONES® - May 18, 2015
aap Implantate posted 1Q15 sales of €7.1MM (~US $7.5MM), +16% from 1Q14. (Trauma ~$2.8MM, +15%: LOQTEQ ~$1.9MM, +45%) (
BARE BONES® - April 20, 2015
aap Implantate was granted European Patent No. EP 2 437 798 B1, protecting a multifunctional antibacterial silver implant coating, relevant medical tools and the method/apparatuses to produce ...
BARE BONES® - April 14, 2015
aap Implantate posted preliminary 1Q15 sales of €7.1MM (~US $7.5MM), +16% from 1Q14. (Trauma ~$2.6MM, +15%: LOQTEQ ~$1.8MM, +45%; Biomaterials ~$4.6MM, +23%) (
BARE BONES® - April 1, 2015
aap Implantate reported 2014 sales of €29.8MM (~US $32MM), +16% from 2013. (Trauma ~$13.1MM, +27%, LOQTEQ ~$8.8MM, +63%) (
BARE BONES® - March 24, 2015
aap Implantate announced that advanced-stage negotiations on the sale of its biomaterials subsidiary to private equity bidders have abruptly ceased, as final transaction terms and conditions c...
BARE BONES® - January 14, 2015
aap Implantate will be granted a key patent in Europe for the core technology of its LOQTEQ® locking and compression plate system. (
BARE BONES® - January 12, 2015
aap Implantate posted preliminary 4Q14 sales of €8.6MM (~US $10.1MM), -10% vs. 4Q13, and preliminary 2014 sales of €30.7MM (~$36.2MM), +7% from 2013, with Tr...
BARE BONES® - October 8, 2014
aap Implantate received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for claims covering the latest core technology of its LOQTEQ® locking and compression plate system. (
BARE BONES® - August 14, 2014
aap Implantate reported 2Q14 sales of €8.1MM (~US $10.8MM), +23% from 2Q13. (Trauma ~$4.0MM, +7%, LOQTEQ ~$2.5MM, +19%) (
BARE BONES® - July 25, 2014
Study results indicate that the fatigue strength of aap Implantate's LOQTEQ® HTO high tibial osteotomy plate was significantly higher in comparison to the Synthes TomoFix&tra...
BARE BONES® - July 7, 2014
aap Implantate posted preliminary 2Q14 sales of €8.0MM (~US $10.8MM), +23% from 2Q13. (Trauma/LOQTEQ ~$4MM, +7%: LOQTEQ standalone ~$2.6MM, +19%; Biomaterials ~$6.6MM, +50%
BARE BONES® - June 20, 2014
aap Biomaterials signed a 3-year renewable supply agreement for a PMMA bone cement with an unnamed U.S. healthcare service provider, to be marketed primarily for joint replacement under that entity's own label...
BARE BONES® - June 4, 2014
aap Implantate was granted an additional U.S. patent, extending the LOQTEQ® family of intellectual property. (
BARE BONES® - May 16, 2014
aap Implantate posted 1Q14 sales of €6.1MM (~US $8.4MM), +33% from 1Q13. (Trauma/LOQTEQ ~$3MM, +47%: LOQTEQ standalone +175%) (Results exclude divestiture of EMCM.) (
1Q14 Revenue: aap Implantate
€6.1MM (~US $8.4MM), +33% Trauma/LOQTEQ ~$3MM, +47% (LOQTEQ ~$1.5MM, +175%) Biomaterials ~$5.3MM, +25% Results exclude divestiture of EMCM. Strong growth in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia
BARE BONES® - March 31, 2014
aap Implantate posted 2013 product sales of €40MM (~US $55.1MM), +10% from 2012, with Trauma revenue of ~$13.2MM, +52% (LOQTEQ ~$6.8MM). (
4Q13/2013 Revenue: aap Implantate
2013 revenue:  €40MM (~US $55.1MM), +10% Trauma ~$13.2MM, +52% (LOQTEQ ~$6.8MM, +150%)   Signed development/supply agreement for PMMA bone cement & mixing system In early 2014, divested non-core Adcon ant...
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