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BARE BONES® - October 30, 2014
Symmetry Medical announced 3Q14 revenue of US $95.9MM, flat vs. 3Q13. (Instruments $28.4MM, +4%, Implants $27.1MM, +4%; Cases $16.3MM, -4%, Other $4.1MM, +28%; Surgical
3Q14 Revenue: Symmetry Medical
$95.9MM, flat Instruments $28.4MM, +4% Implants $27.1MM, +4% Cases $16.3MM, -4% Other $4.1MM, +28% Surgical $20.0MM, -10%   Surgical reporting sluggish hospital spending, par...
3Q14 Revenue: CONMED
$92.8MM, -3% U.S. SportsMed -9% due to reduced procedure-specific and resection sales, plus previous discontinuation of PRP products U.S. Powered Instruments +1% (Capital handpieces +6%, Single-use burrs and blades -3%) Edge ablation bipolar ra...
BARE BONES® - October 2, 2014
Zimmer expects notice on 10/3/14 of a 2nd phase review by the European Commission on the company’s proposed acquisition of Biomet. The commission will have 90 days (subj...
BARE BONES® - September 4, 2014
Precision Engineered Products completed its acquisition of Advanced Precision Products business divisions, including Holmed. Holmed manufactures orthopaedic surgical instruments for use in the hip, knee, shoulder and s...
BARE BONES® - August 26, 2014
Arthrex and Parcus Medical have settled trade secret and patent infringement litigation regarding certain orthopaedic products. Remedial measures include purging proprietary Arthrex in...
2Q14 Revenue: Symmetry Medical
$101.3MM, +2.3% Instruments $29.8MM, +6% Implants $29.4MM, +5% Cases $17.3MM, +1% Other $4.4MM, +29% Surgical $20.4MM, -9%   Announced proposed sale of OEM Solutions business...
BARE BONES® - August 4, 2014
Symmetry Medical announced 2Q14 revenue of US $101.3MM, +2.3% vs. 2Q13. (Instruments $29.8MM, +6%; Implants $29.4MM, +5%; Cases $17.3MM, +1%; Other $4.4MM, +29%; Surgical
BARE BONES® - August 4, 2014
Tecomet signed a definitive agreement to acquire Symmetry Medical's OEM Solutions segment for US $450MM. OEM Solutions manufactures precision surgical instruments, orthopaedic implants and
BARE BONES® - July 31, 2014
K2M announced FDA 510(k) clearance to market the CASPIAN® Occipital Anchor, introduction of the SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor in Japan and launch of the CA...
2Q14 Revenue: CONMED
$102.4MM, +0.8% Powered instrument handpieces +12% Shoulder repair devices +10% Sports tissue/biologic product sales decreased ~$1.3MM following contract supplier’s inability to supply platelet-rich plasma products for resale; will likely...
2Q14 Revenue: In'Tech Medical
(1H14 sales) $21.6MM, +23% Growth attributed to ongoing capital investment to improve capacity, productivity and lead times for the manufacture of orthopaedic surgical instruments
BARE BONES® - July 23, 2014
In'Tech Medical reported 1H14 revenue of US $21.6MM, +22.5% vs. 1H13. (In'Tech Medical, Inc., 7/23/14)
2Q14 Revenue: SpineGuard
(1H14 sales) €2.1MM (~US $2.8MM), -6% Growth affected by unfavorable U.S. markets (U.S. sales account for 50% of units sold and 71% of revenue) Continuing R&D focus on potentially disruptive Smart Screw technology, running ahead of development...
BARE BONES® - July 17, 2014
Stryker posted 2Q14 net sales of US $2,363MM, +6.9% from 2Q13. (Reconstructive $1,028MM, +6.3%: Hips $326MM, +2.2%, Knees $350MM, +2.7%, Trauma/Extremities $298MM, +11.3%; Med...
BARE BONES® - July 15, 2014
Studies on the use of Misonix's BoneScalpel™ in spinal fusion to correct adolescent idiopathic scoliosis revealed that use of Misonix's BoneScalpel to perform the bone cuts associated with facete...
BARE BONES® - July 15, 2014
DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson reported 2Q14 orthopaedic sales of US $2,469MM, +3.3% vs. 2Q13. (U.S. $1,294MM, +1.6%, ex-U.S. $1,175MM, +5.3%) (Growth operational, excludes effect of currency) (
BARE BONES® - July 11, 2014
Bradshaw Medical posted 2Q14 revenue of US $7MM. (Bradshaw Medical, Inc., 7/11/14)
2Q14 Revenue: Bradshaw Medical
$7MM (no growth given)
BARE BONES® - July 10, 2014
RTI Surgical introduced the Precision Allograft Cartilage Kit (PACK), an instrumentation set for osteochondral allograft resurfacing, designed to improve precision and minimize cartilage trauma. PACK will launch
BARE BONES® - July 7, 2014
On 7/2/14, the U.S. SEC issued a subpoena to Biomet for documents regarding alleged improprieties related to operations in Brazil and Mexico, which the company previously disclosed in early 2Q14
BARE BONES® - June 11, 2014
SpineGuard expanded its Dynamic Surgical Guidance platform for enhanced pedicle screw placement with launch of the Bevel-Tip Cannulated PediGuard®. The tip is designed to minimize "skiving" o...
BARE BONES® - June 4, 2014
Comparative study of the use of Misonix's Ultrasonic BoneScalpel™ in 100 consecutive spinal surgery patients indicated a reduction in the occurrence of dual tears and an absence ...
1Q14 Revenue: In'Tech Medical
$10.7MM, +38% (U.S. ~$3.1MM) Manufacturer of surgical instruments for OEMs Strong performance in Europe and U.S.
1Q14 Revenue: Symmetry Medical
$101.3MM, +2% Instruments $28.9MM, +2% Implants $28.4MM, +9% Cases $15.7MM, -4% Other $7.6MM, +25% Surgical $20.7MM, -7%   Noted signs of increased business related to suppli...
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