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4WEB Medical Expands Surgeons Users by 20%
4WEB Medical achieved its highest quarterly sales revenue to date in 4Q18, driven largely by adoption of the Total Lateral Solution....
Atlas Spine Launches HiJak AC Expandable Interbody
Atlas Spine announced successful completion of its 50th surgical procedure and >100 devices implanted with the HiJak™
Orthofix Reports 4Q18 Revenue of $121.1MM, +3.6% vs. 4Q17
Orthofix reports 4Q18 revenue of USD $121.1MM, +3.6% vs. 4Q17, with 2018 full year revenue o...
Vertos mild® Procedure Gains CE Mark
Vertos Medical received CE Mark approval for the mild® device kit for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis.
Safe Orthopaedics Launches Essential Instrument Kit
Safe Orthopaedics launched Essential, a kit containing all of the instruments needed to perform a percutaneous spinal fracture repair
Alphatec Gains FDA Clearance for SafeOp Neuromonitoring
Alphatec received FDA 510(k) clearance to market automated SafeOp neuromonitoring for use in real-time intra-op nerve loca...
OrthoPediatrics Launches BandLoc DUO
OrthoPediatrics introduced BandLoc DUO, the latest addition to the BandLoc 5.5/6.0mm spinal repair system.
NuVasive Reports 4Q18 Revenue of $288.3MM, +6.3% vs. 4Q17
NuVasive posts 4Q18 revenue of USD $288.3MM, +6.3%vs. 4Q17, with 2018 full-year revenue of
Globus Medical Reports 4Q18 Revenue of $195.9MM, +11.3% vs. 4Q17
Globus Medical posts 4Q18 revenue of USD $195.9MM, +11.3% vs. 4Q17, with 2018 full ye...
SpineGuard Achieves DSG Technology Milestone
SpineGuard marked the 70,000th spinal procedure using DSG® real time digital technology for surgical guidance.
Medtronic Reports FY 3Q19 Orthopedic Revenue of $739.8MM, -0.3% vs. 3Q18
Medtronic reports FY 3Q19 orthopedic revenue of USD $739.8MM, -0.3% vs. FY 3Q18...
SeaSpine, Implanet Form US Partnership with Jazz Spinal Devices
Implanet entered into a U.S. private label distribution agreement with SeaSpine covering the Jazz® portfolio of spi...
Royal Philips Launches Zenition Mobile C-arm
Royal Philips launched the Zenition mobile C-arm imaging platform, for initial introduction in the U.S., Austria, Germany and Switzerland in 1H19....
AxioMed and NanoFUSE Biologics to be Available for Acquisition
KICVentures seeks funding to prepare its portfolio companies, AxioMed and NanoFUSE Biologics, to be acquis...
Life Spine Launches SIMPACT SI Joint Fixation Study
Life Spine initiated an outcomes study for SIMPACT® Sacroiliac Joint Fixation.
Carevature Completes 1,000 Procedures with Dreal Technology
Carevature Medical achieved a milestone of 1,000 procedures using the Dreal® decompression platform.
Intrinsic Therapeutics Receives PMA for Barricaid Annular Closure Device
Intrinsic Therapeutics gained FDA Premarket Approval for the Barricaid annular closure device.
Alphatec Announces Stay of Proceedings In NuVasive Patent Lawsuit
Alphatec announced favorable developments in its ongoing patent litigation with NuVasive regarding CoRoent® late...
SpinalCyte Gains Additional Canadian Patent
SpinalCyte was issued a new patent in Canada, related to subjecting fibroblast cells to specific environments to differentiate into chondrocytes for us...
Osso VR Gains Funding in Support of Virtual Reality Surgical Training
Osso VR received National Science Foundation funding to support development of its virtual reality surgical training and assessment platfor...
Orthofix M6-C Disc Gains FDA Premarket Approval
Orthofix Medical received FDA Premarket Approval for the M6-C™ artificial cervical disc. 
FH Orthopedics: LP-ESP Disc Replacement Study Update
Study results indicate that FH Orthopedics' LP-ESP® Lumbar Prosthesis demonstrated excellent midterm follow-up results in t...
Zimmer Biomet Reports 4Q18 Orthopedic Revenue of $1,849.7MM, +0.2% vs. 4Q17
Zimmer Biomet reports 4Q18 orthopedic revenue of $1,849.7MM, +0.2% vs. 4Q17, with full year 2018 revenue of $7,081.7MM, +1.8% vs. 2017.
Orthofix Acquires Distributor, Options Medical
Orthofix Medical acquired Options Medical, a former distributor of OFIX Bone Growth Therapies.
Stryker Reports 4Q18 Orthopedic Revenue of $1,932.3MM, +6.4% vs. 4Q17
Stryker reports 4Q18 orthopedic revenue of $1,932.3MM, +6.5% vs. 4Q17, with full year revenue of ...
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