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Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair Market Ripe for 6% Growth
By Carolyn LaWell Sales from arthroscopy/soft tissue repair products in 2017 surpassed $5.3 billion and grew 6.2% vs. 2016, according to our estimates published in
Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant Long-Term Clinical Data
Five-year follow-up results demonstrate that Cartiva's Synthetic Cartilage Implant provided long-term durability in pain and f...
Final Patient Treated in Active Implants' NUsurface Trials
Active Implants announced treatment of the final patient in two clinical trials evaluating the NUsurface® Menis...
Ceterix Orthopaedics Awarded US Patent for Circumferential Suturing Method in Meniscus Repair
Ceterix Orthopaedics was issued a new U.S. patent for a method of placing a suture around a tear to repair 
Medigus Enters Orthopaedic Market, Partners with AM Surgical
Medigus entered into a development agreement with A.M. Surgical to develop an integrated visualization devic...
FDA 510(k) Highlights: Five Companies Gain First Orthopaedic Clearances
By Julie A. Vetalice To meet your need to know who’s new in the orthopaedic market, I sorted through the 21 companies receiving their first orthopaedic-related FDA 510(k) clearance through May of this year. To keep things simple, I then chose one company from each implantable mark...
Public Orthopaedic Companies: 1Q18 Revenue and Growth Drivers
By Julie A. Vetalice The 21 companies tracked in Exhibits 1 and 2 collectively grew +3.1% in 1Q18 vs. 1Q17, remaining on track alongside our estimates of +3.7% in orthopaedic industry growth for 2018 vs. 2017. (Review
DePuy Synthes Launches DYNACORD Suture
DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine commenced limited U.S. launch of DYNACORD Suture. Full launch is slated for 3Q18....
Arcuro Medical Gains FDA Clearance for SuperBall Meniscus Repair
Arcuro Medical received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its SuperBall™ all-suture meniscus repair system f...
Ziptek's First US Implantation of ZipE Suture Button
Ziptek marked the first U.S. implantation of the ZipE® resorbable knotless suture button.
Vericel Prices $65MM Public Offering of Stock
Vericel, developer of MACI® autologous cultured chondrocytes for cartilage repair, priced its underwritten public offering of
Ortho RTi Allowed Second European Patent for Ortho-R Technology
Ortho Regenerative Technologies received a Notice of Allowance from the EU Patent Office, which will protect the f...
OrthoPediatrics Reports 1Q18 Revenue Growth +24% YoY
OrthoPediatrics posted 1Q18 revenue of US $12.1MM, +23.9% vs. 1Q17.
Wright Medical Announces 1Q18 Revenue
Wright Medical reported 1Q18 revenue of US $198.5MM, +12.0% from 1Q17.
Smith & Nephew Posts 6% Growth in Knees for 1Q18
ORTHOWORLD estimates Smith & Nephew 1Q18 orthopaedic revenue of US $865.4MM, +4.7% from 1Q17.
Integer to Divest Advanced Surgical and Orthopedics to MedPlast
Integer entered into an agreement to sell its Advanced Surgical and Orthopedics lines to MedPlast, a global servic...
Stryker Posts 1Q18 Revenue
ORTHOWORLD estimates Stryker’s 1Q18 orthopaedic revenue at US $1,724.9MM, +7.0% from 1Q17. 
Zimmer Biomet Reports 1Q18 Orthopaedic Revenue
ORTHOWORLD estimates Zimmer Biomet 1Q18 orthopaedic revenue of US $1,856.6MM, +2.2% vs. 1Q17.
ConMed 1Q18 Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair Revenue
ConMed posted 1Q18 arthroscopy/soft tissue repair revenue of US $108.9MM, +4.9% vs. 1Q17. 
Episurf Announces Hong Kong Distribution, U.S. Subsidiary
Episurf Medical entered into a distribution agreement in Hong Kong and established a U.S. subsidiary to conduct ...
DePuy Synthes Reports 1Q18 Orthopaedic Revenue
DePuy Synthes reported 1Q18 orthopaedic revenue of US $2,250.0MM, -1.1% vs. 1Q17.
Konica Minolta Launches Office-Based Digital Radiography Tool
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas introduced KDR Primary Digital Radiography, a small-footprint system designed for office-...
Cadence to be Acquired by Kohlberg Private Equity Firm
Cadence, global provider of high-precision components and finished devices for orthopaedic and other markets, signed a definitive a...
Ceterix Orthopaedics Gains FDA Clearance for NovoStitch Pro Meniscal Repair
Ceterix Orthopaedics received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its next-generation NovoStitch® Pro Meni...
HydroCision and Konica Minolta Partner on Tendinopathy Treatment
Konica Minolta will distribute HydroCision's TenJet Percutaneous Tenotomy system to manage diseased tend...
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