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Onkos Surgical Launches My3D Personalized Surgery Platform
Onkos Surgical launched the My3D™ Personalized Solutions platform, powered by 3D Systems' VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) Orthopa...
Biedermann Motech Expands its iMAS360 Procedural Solution
Biedermann Motech integrated the DELTA XS™ Shank Based Retractor into the iMAS360™ lumbar fusion procedure.
Kuros Biosciences Launches MagnetOs Bone Graft
Kuros Biosciences commenced full launch of MagnetOs™ bone graft substitute granules.
4WEB Medical Completes Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression Study
4WEB Medical completed Phase I in vitro testing to demonstrate that surface roughness on its 3D-printed truss implants stimulates a superi...
RTI Surgical Launches CervAlign Anterior Cervical Plate
RTI Surgical commenced full commercial launch of the CervAlign® Anterior Cervical Plate following successful limited release.
SpineWelding Gains FDA Clearance for Elaris Pedicle Screw
SpineWelding received its first FDA 510(k) clearance, addressing the Elaris Pedicle Screw.
CTL Amedica Debuts MONET Integrated ACIF Cage
CTL Amedica launched the MONET™ ACIF Integrated Cage with supplementary fixation.
Brainlab Introduces Loop-X Mobile Intraoperative Imaging Robot
Brainlab unveiled Loop-X™, reported to be the first mobile intraoperative imaging robot.
SI-BONE 5-Year iFuse Study Results
SI-BONE reports that 5-year follow-up from studies of the iFuse implant for SI joint fusion showed excellent durability of clinical responses and positive radiographic outcomes...
FundamentalVR Offering New Facetectomy Procedure Simulation
FundamentalVR expanded its offerings of orthopedic surgical simulations with a new facetectomy procedure.
Life Spine Gains FDA Clearance for Hinged Laminoplasty System
Life Spine was granted FDA 510(k) clearance to market a Hinged Laminoplasty System.
First U.S. Case with DT MedTech's H3 Total Ankle
DT MedTech's Hintermann Series H3™ Total Ankle was successfully implanted in its first U.S. procedure.
First Patient Treated with CurvaFix Rodscrew
CurvaFix reported completion of the first surgical procedure using the CurvaFix® Intramedullary Rodscrew.
Smith & Nephew Launches TRIGEN INTERTAN Fracture Nail Assurance Program
Smith & Nephew launched a product assurance program that will reimburse a healthcare facility for the cost of the TRIGEN™ INTERTAN™ ...
Medtronic Initiates Clinical Trial for Infuse Bone Graft in TLIF
Medtronic commenced site recruitment in a prospective, randomized pivotal clinical trial on the use of Infuse™ Bone Graft in TLIF.
Study Results: Benvenue Medical, DiscGenics, Stryker
Benvenue Medical, DiscGenics and Stryker shared study results for spinal technologies.
Product Launches: Alphatec, DePuy Synthes
Alphatec and DePuy Synthes launched interbody devices made from porous titanium.
First Cases with Life Spine's Micro Invasive PROLIFT Lateral Expandable Spacer
First cases have occurred using Life Spine's PROLIFT® Lateral Expandable Spacer.
Hensler Surgical Debuts New Applications for Bone Press
Hensler Surgical Technologies' Hensler Bone Press is now available in an orthopedic edition for two new applications.
Innovasis Partners with Pore Matrix for Porous HA PEEK Material
Innovasis entered into an agreement with Pore Matrix to use the company's Porous HA PEEK in interbody devices.
SeaSpine Enters Developing and License Agreement with restor3D
SeaSpine entered into an exclusive development and licensing agreement with restor3d, developer of 3D-printed implants.
CarboFix Gains FDA Clearance for Carbon Fiber Fenestrated Screw
CarboFix received FDA 510(k) clearance to market CarboClear® Carbon Fiber fenestrated pedicle screws to treat spinal tumors. 
Brainlab's Cirq Robotics Gains FDA Clearance for Spine
Brainlab received FDA 510(k) clearance to market Cirq® Robotics in the U.S. for spinal applications.
Alphatec Launches IdentiTi TLIF Posterior Oblique Titanium Interbody
Alphatec launched the IdentiTi™ TLIF Posterior Oblique Titanium Interbody Implant for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. 
DePuy Synthes Launches CONDUIT 3D-Printed Interbody Platform
DePuy Synthes launched the CONDUIT Interbody Platform with 3D-printed EIT Cellular Titanium Technology.
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