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NextStep Arthropedix Adds Blade Femoral Stem to iNSitu Hip
NextStep Arthropedix launched The Blade™, a femoral stem component for the iNSitu™ Total Hip system.
aap Sales Decline on U.S. Distribution Loss
aap Implantate reports 3Q19 revenue of €2.8MM (USD $3.1MM), -0.1% vs. 3Q18.
Medicrea Growth Driven by U.S. Sales of Patient-Specific Implants
Medicrea reports 3Q19 revenue of €8.2MM (USD $9.2MM), +12.3% vs. 3Q18.
In2Bones Launches CoLink Mini Plating System
In2Bones launched the CoLink® Mini Plating System for fractures and fusions in the small bones of the foot.
Wright Medical Growth Downturn Continued in Lead Up to Stryker Deal
Wright Medical reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $212.4MM, +9.4% vs. 3Q18.
SI-BONE Continues Growth with Reimbursement Wins
SI-BONE reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $16.2MM, +20.9% vs. 3Q18.
Medacta, Geisinger Extend Knee Replacement Guarantee to Revisions
Medacta and the Geisinger health system extended their lifetime guarantee for total hip and knee replacement surgeries to include ...
DJO Joint Replacement Growth Driven by New Products
DJO reports 3Q19 orthopedic revenue of USD $97.9MM, +5.9% vs. 3Q18.
OrthoPediatrics Records Highest Revenue Quarter in Company History
OrthoPediatrics reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $20.7MM, +31.1% vs. 3Q18.
Xtant Taps New CEO to Lead Turnaround Effort
Xtant reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $15.7MM, -8.9% vs. 3Q18.
Conformis Gains FDA Clearance for Next-Gen Hip
Conformis received FDA 510(k) clearance for a next-generation Conformis Hip System. ...
Total Joint Orthopedics Femoral Head Used in First Procedure
Total Joint Orthopedics announced the first implantation of the BIOLOX CONTOURA® femoral head.
Smith+Nephew Launches OR30 Dual Mobility Hip
Smith+Nephew launched the OR3O™ Dual Mobility System for use in primary and revision hip replacement.
Seikagaku Grows in Low Double-Digits on Favorable U.S. Reimbursement Status
Seikagaku reports FY 2Q19 revenue of JPY ¥7,906MM (USD $71.4MM), +12.5% vs. 2Q18.
OsteoRemedies Launches REMEDY Stemmed Knee Spacer
OsteoRemedies launched the REMEDY® Stemmed Knee Spacer.
Vericel to Expand MACI Salesforce Again on Strong Demand
Vericel reports 3Q19 MACI revenue of USD $20.6MM, +25.3% vs. 3Q18.
Globus Medical Double-Digit Growth Driven by Spinal Hardware and ExcelsiusGPS
Globus Medical reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $196.2MM, +15.9% vs. 3Q18.
Zimmer Biomet Gains Momentum on ROSA Knee and Increased Supply
Zimmer Biomet reports 3Q19 orthopedic revenue of USD $1,686.8MM, +3% vs. 3Q18.
CMS Increases Medicare Physician Payment for Minimally Invasive SI Joint Fusion
CMS increased the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for CPT® Code 27279, Arthrodesis Sacroiliac Joint, under which minimally invasive sacroiliac j...
In2Bones Introduces CoLink Bone Graft Harvester and Tribio Backfill Plugs
In2Bones commenced U.S. launch of the CoLink® Bone Graft Harvester and Tribio™ Backfill Plug System.
RTI Surgical Reduces Guidance Due to Softer than Expected coflex Sales
RTI Surgical reports 3Q19 orthopedic revenue of USD $65.7MM, +10.7% vs. 3Q18.
Conformis Continues Slide Due to Aetna Coverage Denials
Conformis reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $17.3MM, -40.3% vs. 3Q18.
Sanofi Viscosupplement Growth in Emerging Markets Offsets U.S. Losses
Sanofi reports 3Q19 Synvisc revenue of €73MM (USD $82MM), +1.4% vs. 3Q18.
Stryker Acquires Wright Medical, Speeds Path to Leadership in Extremities
Stryker acquires Wright Medical for $30.75 per share, total equity value of $4BB.
Spineology U.S. Fusion Trial 24-Month Outcomes Data
Two-year outcomes from Spineology's SCOUT trial of the OptiMesh® device revealed substantial improvements in low back pain and function scores at 6, 12 and 24 m...
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