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Implanet Gains FDA Clearance for MADISON Total Knee
Implanet received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the cemented version of its Madison total knee.
Implanet Granted Patent in Japan for JAZZ Lock
Implanet was granted a patent in Japan for JAZZ Lock® technology, part of its JAZZ™ solutions platform to treat degenerative spine disorders.
Orthopedic Public Companies Grow 2.6% YoY in Quarter
By Mike Evers The second quarter of 2019 brought incremental improvement over the first. Year over year revenue grew 2.6% in the quarter for the public companies reported herein compared to 1.1% last quarter. The five largest orthopedic players, which control 58% of the market, showed a...
Implanet Granted Additional U.S. Patent for Jazz Technology
Implanet was granted a U.S. patent covering JAZZ Lock® technology, part of its JAZZ™ spinal platform.
Implanet reports 2Q19 revenue of €1.9MM (USD $2.2MM), +8.4% vs. 2Q18
Implanet reports 2Q19 revenue of €1.9MM (USD $2.2MM), +8.4% vs. 2Q18, with 1H19 revenue of €3.8MM (USD $8.0MM), +5.2% vs. 1H18.
Implanet Books First Orders Supporting Kico Knee and SeaSpine Partnerships
Implanet received its first orders related to its distribution agreements with Kico Knee Innovation and SeaSpine....
Implanet Announces First U.S. JAZZ Cap Procedures
Implanet's JAZZ® Cap device has been successfully used in first U.S. spinal fusion procedures.
Implanet Gains FDA Clearance for JAZZ Cap
Implanet received FDA 510(k) clearance to market JAZZ Cap® to secure screws in poor quality bone in vertebral fusion procedures.
Revenue Review: 4Q18 and Full Year 2018 Performance Highlights for Public Companies
By Mike Evers Below you’ll find a summary of the major 4Q18 and full year 2018 developments for publicly-traded orthopedic companies. Exhibits 1 and 2 show 4Q18 and full year performance, respectively.  Companies continue to refine their strategies to improve sales mix ...
SeaSpine, Implanet Form US Partnership with Jazz Spinal Devices
Implanet entered into a U.S. private label distribution agreement with SeaSpine covering the Jazz® portfolio of spi...
Implanet reports 4Q18 revenue of €1.5MM (USD 1.8MM), -21.5% vs. 4Q17
Implanet reports 4Q18 revenue of €1.5MM (USD 1.8MM), -21.5% vs. 4Q17, with 2018 revenue of
Considerations for Expanding in the Japanese Orthopaedic Market
By Carolyn LaWell  
Implanet Enters Distribution Agreement with KICO Knee
Implanet partnered with KICO Knee Innovation Company for distribution of the MADISON primary total knee.
WishBone Medical Launches AlloMate Bone Pin System
WishBone Medical commenced launch of the single-use, sterile-packed AlloMate Bone Pin.
Implanet Opens Subsidiary in Germany
Implanet established a subsidiary in Germany, furthering its strategy to expand sales in the European market.
Implanet Opens UK Sales Branch
Implanet opened a branch in the U.K. to support expansion and growth in the adult degenerative spine market. 
Implanet Launches JAZZ Evo® for Adult Degenerative Spine Disease
Implanet launched JAZZ Evo® for adult vertebral fusion. The device is the first in a new range
WishBone Medical Collaborates with HSS for Pediatric Total Hip
WishBone Medical entered into a license agreement with the Hospital for Special Surgery to develop a Pedia...
WishBone Medical to Distribute Implanet's JAZZ Implants
WishBone Medical entered into a U.S. distribution agreement with Implanet addressing JAZZ spinal implants....
Implanet and L&K Biomed Finalize Cross-Distribution Agreements
Implanet and L&K Biomed finalized agreements for cross-distribution of spinal products in the U.S., Asia/O...
Implanet Enters Distribution Agreement with Aegis Spine
Implanet entered into a U.S. distribution agreement with Aegis Spine, subsidiary of L&K Biomed, to comple...
The Orthopaedic Products and Services of 2017
By Julie A. Vetalice The annual rundown of products and services is like attending a reunion—we’re looking back over the year and keeping you informed on what everyone is doing. Here’s what made headlines with market entry in 2017. We’ll start with services, and ...
Implanet Gains CE Mark Approval for JAZZ Passer
Implanet received approval under the CE Mark to market the JAZZ® Passer, used in posterior fixation procedures.
Implanet Gains FDA Clearance for JAZZ Passer
IMPLANET received FDA 510(k) clearance to market JAZZ™ Passer, a system of spinal instruments and brai...
Implanet Launches JAZZ Braid in Europe and U.S.
Implanet launched the JAZZ™ Braid device in the EU and U.S. following regulatory clearance ...
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