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curasan Gains CE Mark for Spinevisc Hyaluronic Acid
curasan is launching Spinevisc® hyaluronic acid for the treatment of facet syndrome.
The Orthopaedic Products and Services of 2017
By Julie A. Vetalice The annual rundown of products and services is like attending a reunion—we’re looking back over the year and keeping you informed on what everyone is doing. Here’s what made headlines with market entry in 2017. We’ll start with services, and ...
curasan Enters Distribution Agreement with Implantcast
curasan entered into an exclusive agreement with Implantcast for distribution of CERASORB bone regeneration produc...
Xtant Medical Reports 3Q17 Revenue
Xtant Medical posted 3Q17 revenue of US $19.8MM, -14.3% vs. 3Q16, with YTD revenue of $63.3MM, -3.4% vs. the...
Xtant Medical and curasan Enter Distribution Agreement
Xtant Medical entered the U.S. bone graft substitute market through a distribution agreement with curasan...
Curasan Launches CERASORB Ortho Foam in the US
CURASAN entered the U.S. market with the first U.S. implantation of CERASORB® Ortho Foam bone graft.
curasan Receives FDA Clearance for CERASORB Ortho FOAM
curasan received FDA 510(k) clearance to market CERASORB Ortho FOAM synthetic bone material for the treatment of b...
curasan to Expand in the U.S. and China
curasan will invest in targeted expansion of sales and marketing activities in the U.S. and China. The company markets CERASORB
BARE BONES® - October 17, 2012
Premier awarded new agreements for bone, tissue and synthetic implantable products to Advanced Biologics, Aesculap, Bacterin, Baxter, curasan, Integra Orthobiologics, Lanx, LifeNet Health, Musculoskeletal Transplant Fo...
BARE BONES® - April 15, 2011
CURASAN received regulatory clearance to market Osseolive® synthetic bone regeneration material in Europe. The product is designed to treat large defects in combination with bone marrow aspirate, stem cells, etc. (curasan AG, 3/28/11)
BARE BONES® - March 15, 2011
CURASAN signed an agreement with STRYKER (SYK) to market bone replacement and regeneration materials. SYK will commence initial launch of products in select European markets within 2011. (curasan AG, 2/9/11)
BARE BONES® - February 15, 2011
CURASAN signed an exclusive supply agreement with TRANSCORP SPINE for Cerasorb® Ortho block forms used to repair vertebral bone channels created during surgery to compress neural tissue in the spine. TransCorp plans to commercialize the system in 2011. (curasan Inc., 1/11/11)
Orthopaedic Strategic Initiatives
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVES AMEDICA/US SPINE entered into an agreement with BIODLOGICS, allowing Amedica to distribute stem cell products that are indicated for spinal fusion, nerve protection and to serve as an adhesion barrier. (Amedica Corporation, 11/16/10) ...
BARE BONES® - November 10, 2010
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVESCANNUFLOW signed a master distribution and strategic alliance agreement with SYMMETRY MEDICAL’s SPECIALTY SURGICAL INSTRUMENT division (SSI), whereby Cannuflow is SSI’s exclusive supplier of arthroscopy fluid management and access disposabl...
BARE BONES® - June 9, 2010
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVESB1 MEDICAL and INVIBIO BIOMATERIAL SOLUTIONS partnered to support B1 Medical’s development of a novel PEEK-OPTIMA®-based polymer suture anchor and a small joint replacement device.(B1 Medical, Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, 5/19/10)
BARE BONES® - March 10, 2010
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVESAMEDICA entered into a joint venture agreement with ORTHOPAEDIC SYNERGY to support global development, regulatory clearance and distribution of silicon nitride ceramic (SiN) articulating hip and knee implants. SiN material is fracture resistant, and it...
BARE BONES® - January 11, 2010
Orthopaedic Strategic InitiativesALPHATEC SPINE (ATEC) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SCIENT’X by the end of 1Q10 in an all-stock transaction (100% of outstanding Scient’x stock exchanged for 24MM ATEC shares). Scient’x distributes products in >50 cou...
BARE BONES® - December 10, 2009
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVESADVANCED BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES (ABT) signed cooperative agreements for research and animal tests of its Cranio-Maxillofacial Fracture Treatment and Craniofacial Reconstruction utilizing ABT-CHANGHUA’s polyamide bio-absorbable material. (A...
BARE BONES® - November 10, 2009
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVESADVANCED SURGICAL DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE (ASDM) divested the Active Unicompartmental Knee to STRYKER (SYK), its global marketing partner. SYK will end its marketing contract with ASDM 2 years earlier than planned and will pay out the agreement in full....
BARE BONES® - October 15, 2009
ORTHOPAEDIC STRATEGIC INITIATIVESACROBOT and FINSBURY ORTHOPAEDICS entered into an agreement to co-market Acrobot’s Navigator surgical system with Finsbury’s ADEPT® implant as a “one-stop” package for use in precision navigated hip resurfacing. Official launch...
BARE BONES® - June 15, 2009
Strategic InitiativesARTERIOCYTE MEDICAL made a strategic investment in CONTROL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY to support development and distribution of Control’s ASPIRE aspiration system for use with Arteriocyte’s STEM-PREP and other Magellan® platform technologies. The companies w...
BARE BONES® - March 15, 2006
ALTIVA and CURASAN launched Cerasorb® M Ortho, a synthetic beta-tricalcium phosphate product for spinal indications. Cerasorb is multi-porous, with an active cell supply and a polygonal shape for easy handling. (Altiva Corporation, 2/24/06)
BARE BONES® - August 15, 2004
CURASAN signed an exclusive agreement with ASCENSION ORTHOPEDICS for the distribution of Cerasorb® Ortho granules and block forms for non-spinal orthopaedic applications. Curasan’s sales partnership with CRYOLIFE (CRY) for Cerasorb granules was discontinued due to CRY’s relaunch of its ...
BARE BONES® - May 15, 2004
CURASAN received FDA 510(k) clearance to market Cerasorb® M ORTHO synthetic bone regeneration material. The higher porosity of the biomaterial reportedly accelerates new bone formation and enables use of substantially larger granule forms. Curasan’s distribution partners, CRYOLIFE and SPINAL...
ORTHOKNOW® - April 15, 2003
BONE GRAFT ERRATUM. In follow-up to the bone graft substitute matrix we featured in the March 2003 issue of OrthoKnow, we offer our apologies to those companies whose products we inadvertently omitted. Exhibit 8 contains some of the bone graft substitute materials that we should have included in the...
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