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Aurora Spine Sales Decline on Product Line Cannibalization
Aurora Spine reports 3Q19 revenue of USD $2.5 million, -5.4% vs. 3Q18.
Orthopedic Public Companies Grow 2.6% YoY in Quarter
By Mike Evers The second quarter of 2019 brought incremental improvement over the first. Year over year revenue grew 2.6% in the quarter for the public companies reported herein compared to 1.1% last quarter. The five largest orthopedic players, which control 58% of the market, showed a...
Aurora Spine Posts Record 2Q19 Revenue on Hardware
Aurora Spine reports 2Q19 revenue of USD $3.3MM, +62.8% vs. 2Q18.
Orthopedic Sales in Line with Seasonal Expectations for 1Q19
By Mike Evers The first quarter of 2019 brought modest growth to the orthopedic market, as expected seasonal softness and more competition in digital surgery platforms slowed sales for some of the largest players. The 25 companies listed herein had combined total orthopedic sales of $8....
Aurora Spine Reports 1Q19 Revenue of $2.7MM, +81.2% vs. 1Q18
Aurora Spine reports 1Q19 revenue of USD $2.7MM, +81.2% vs. 1Q18.
Aurora Spine Reports 4Q18 Revenue of $2.5MM, +82.4% vs. 4Q17
Aurora Spine reports 4Q18 revenue of USD $2.5MM, +82.4% vs. 4Q17, with full-year 2018 revenue
Aurora Spine Reports 3Q18 Revenue of $2.7MM, +59.6% vs. 3Q17
Aurora Spine reports 3Q18 revenue of US $2.7MM, +59.6% vs. 3Q17.
DePuy Synthes 2Q17 Orthopaedic Revenue
ORTHOWORLD estimates DePuy Synthes’ 2Q17 orthopaedic revenue at US $2,214.8MM, +0.4% vs. 2Q16.
DePuy Synthes Company Profile
We're redesigning Company Profiles. To get the most current news and articles about DePuy Synthes in the interim,
Aurora Spine Posts 1Q16 Revenue
Aurora Spine posted 1Q16 revenue of US $1.5MM, +19.3% vs. 1Q15 as-reported. 
Aurora Spine Posts 3Q15 Revenue
Aurora Spine reported 3Q15 revenue of US $1.17MM, +116% vs. 3Q14. Sales of >640 units in 3Q15 represent an >25% increa...
BARE BONES® - August 31, 2015
Aurora Spine posted 2Q15 sales of US $1.1MM, an increase of >100% vs. 2Q14. (U.S. ~$1.02MM, ex-U.S. ~$0.08MM; TiNano® interbody portfolio ~$0.7MM, TiNano Di...
Company Revenue 2015: Aurora Spine
$0.9MM, +102% (U.S. $0.8MM, ex-U.S. $0.06MM) TiNano® interbody portfolio ~$0.5MM (TiNano Discover cervical interbody cage sales +183%) Increased salesforce in central U.S. Initiated surgeries with VOX™ LLIF and EOS™ TLIF systems
BARE BONES® - May 28, 2015
Aurora Spine posted 1Q15 sales of US $1.3MM, +456% vs. 1Q14. (ZIP systems $0.66MM; TiNano Discovery interbody cages +257% vs. 4Q14) (
BARE BONES® - April 23, 2015
Aurora Spine posted 2014 sales of >US $2.5MM, with sequential quarterly growth of ~65% during the year. (ZIP ULTRA™ $1.8MM) Of the >1,250 product units sold In its 1st f...
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