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Enabling Technology and Integrated Selling Strategies Drove Orthopedic Growth in the Third Quarter
The third quarter of 2019 brought some standout performances from large players like Stryker, Medtronic, NuVasive and Globus Medical. DePuy Synthes and Zimmer Biomet made incremental progress in returning to market growth. Notably, the top performing players all have well-established enabling tec...
aap Sales Decline on U.S. Distribution Loss
aap Implantate reports 3Q19 revenue of €2.8MM (USD $3.1MM), -0.1% vs. 3Q18.
Orthopedic Public Companies Grow 2.6% YoY in Quarter
By Mike Evers The second quarter of 2019 brought incremental improvement over the first. Year over year revenue grew 2.6% in the quarter for the public companies reported herein compared to 1.1% last quarter. The five largest orthopedic players, which control 58% of the market, showed a...
aap Implantate Down in 2Q19 on International Softness
aap Implantate reports 2Q19 revenue of €2.5MM (USD $2.8MM), -7% vs. 2Q18.
Orthopedic Sales in Line with Seasonal Expectations for 1Q19
By Mike Evers The first quarter of 2019 brought modest growth to the orthopedic market, as expected seasonal softness and more competition in digital surgery platforms slowed sales for some of the largest players. The 25 companies listed herein had combined total orthopedic sales of $8....
aap Reports 1Q19 Revenue of €3.5MM, +23.4% vs. 1Q18
aap Implantate reports 1Q19 revenue of €3.5MM (USD $3.9MM), +23.4% vs. 1Q18.
Revenue Review: 4Q18 and Full Year 2018 Performance Highlights for Public Companies
By Mike Evers Below you’ll find a summary of the major 4Q18 and full year 2018 developments for publicly-traded orthopedic companies. Exhibits 1 and 2 show 4Q18 and full year performance, respectively.  Companies continue to refine their strategies to improve sales mix ...
aap Reports 4Q18 Revenue of €2.6MM, -9.8% vs. 4Q17
aap Implantate reports 4Q18 revenue of €2.6MM, -9.8% vs. 4Q17, with full year 2018 revenue o...
Revenue Review: 3Q18 Performance Highlights and 2018 Projections for Public Companies, Continued
By Mike Evers In the exhibits below, we've added nine companies to round out our revenue review for 3Q18. As noted in last month's 
aap Reports 3Q18 Revenue of €2.8MM, +7.3% vs. 3Q17
aap reports 3Q18 revenue of €2.8MM (US $3.4MM), +7.3% vs. 3Q17.
Company Revenue 3Q16: A Final Look
By Julie A. Vetalice As we wrap up orthopaedic revenue for the latest reporting period, we observe that Stryker and Zimmer Biomet lead the largest orthopaedic companies in 3Q16 growth:
aap Implantate Posts 3Q16 Revenue
aap Implantate reported 3Q16 trauma product revenue of €2.9MM (~US $3.1MM), -14.8% vs. 3Q15. 
Company Revenue Update, 1H16
By Julie A. Vetalice We complete our coverage of 1H16 revenue in this issue. Stryker and Smith & Nephew lead the top five in growth, with 1H16 performance in the low-single-digits compared to 1H15. DePuy Synthes and Zimmer Biomet reported
aap Implantate 2Q16 Revenue
aap Implantate reported 2Q16 revenue of €5.1MM (~US $5.7MM), -21.6% vs. 2Q15. Growth is as reported.
Company Revenue 2015: Wright Medical
2015: $656.4MM, +10.8% CC (U.S. $444.1MM; ex-U.S. $212.2MM) 4Q15: $181.4MM, +12% pro forma CC ORTHOWORLD estimates 2015 segment revenue and as-reported growth as follows. Joint Recon $316.4MM, +4.7% Hips $12.7MM, -27.9% Knees $28.2MM...
Company Revenue 2015: aap Implantate
2015: €28.7MM (~US $31.3MM), -17.4% 4Q15: €6.7MM (~US $7.3MM), -22%  Trauma ~$2.9MM, -45% (LOQTEQ® ~$1.7MM, -45%) Orthobiologics ~$4.0MM, +-10% Other ~$0.3MM, -73%   Trauma decline attributed to ec...
Wright Medical and Tornier Report 3Q15 Revenue
Wright Medical posted 3Q15 non-GAAP pro forma revenue and constant currency growth of US $152.1MM, +11% vs. 3Q14. (Total Extremi...
aap Implantate 3Q15 Revenue in Line with Expectations
aap Implantate posted preliminary 3Q15 sales of €8.4MM (~US $9.5MM), +7% from 3Q1...
BARE BONES® - August 17, 2015
aap Implantate reported 2Q15 sales of €6.5MM (~US $7.2MM), -20% from 2Q14. (Trauma ~$3.5MM, +8%: LOQTEQ ~$2.2MM, +15%; Biomaterials ~$3.5MM, -34%) (
BARE BONES® - May 18, 2015
aap Implantate posted 1Q15 sales of €7.1MM (~US $7.5MM), +16% from 1Q14. (Trauma ~$2.8MM, +15%: LOQTEQ ~$1.9MM, +45%) (
BARE BONES® - April 14, 2015
aap Implantate posted preliminary 1Q15 sales of €7.1MM (~US $7.5MM), +16% from 1Q14. (Trauma ~$2.6MM, +15%: LOQTEQ ~$1.8MM, +45%; Biomaterials ~$4.6MM, +23%) (
BARE BONES® - April 1, 2015
aap Implantate reported 2014 sales of €29.8MM (~US $32MM), +16% from 2013. (Trauma ~$13.1MM, +27%, LOQTEQ ~$8.8MM, +63%) (
BARE BONES® - January 12, 2015
aap Implantate posted preliminary 4Q14 sales of €8.6MM (~US $10.1MM), -10% vs. 4Q13, and preliminary 2014 sales of €30.7MM (~$36.2MM), +7% from 2013, with Tr...
BARE BONES® - August 20, 2014
Orthofix will restate financial statements for FY11, '12 and 13 and 1Q14 by end of 3Q14. The company determined that certain entries in these statements were not properly accounted for...
BARE BONES® - August 14, 2014
aap Implantate reported 2Q14 sales of €8.1MM (~US $10.8MM), +23% from 2Q13. (Trauma ~$4.0MM, +7%, LOQTEQ ~$2.5MM, +19%) (
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