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Smith+Nephew Announces New Ambulatory Surgery Center Strategy
Smith+Nephew announced Positive Connections, a turnkey service to support healthcare providers seeking to offer increased access for orthopedic cases t...
Paragon 28 Adds Larger Implant to TenoTac Soft Tissue Fixation
Paragon 28 added a larger plantar implant to the TenoTac® soft tissue fixation system to address hallux malleus deformity.
Genesys Spine Launches Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System
Genesys Spine introduced its Sacroiliac Joint Fusion system, which gained FDA 510(k) clearance in 3Q19.
Paragon 28 Launches Phantom Hindfoot TTC/TC System
Paragon 28 launched the Phantom® Hindfoot TTC/TC System to address tibiotalocalcaneal and tibiocalcaneal arthrodesis.
Nvision Biomedical Launching Trigon Ti Stand-Alone Osteotomy Wedge Fixation
Nvision Biomedical Technologies introduced the Trigon® Ti Stand-Alone Osteotomy Wedge Fixation System, a 3D-manufactured device for Evans and Co...
Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics Launches GEO CONNECT App
Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics launched the GEO CONNECT app that uses RFID technology to manage orthopedic cases from a mobile device.
CrossRoads Extremity Systems Launches HiMax Plus Widebody Fixation
CrossRoads Extremity Systems was granted FDA clearance and launched the HiMax® Plus Widebody Fixation System.
In2Bones Launches Avenger Radial Head with Sterile, Single-Use Instruments
In2Bones Global launched the Avenger Radial Head™ in the U.S. for primary and revision elbow joint replacement.
LimaCorporate Completes First Total Shoulder Case Using Smart SPACE Planning Software
LimaCorporate announced the first total shoulder replacement procedure to employ Smart SPACE digital planning software.
Onkos Surgical Launches GenVie Magnesium Bone Scaffold
Onkos Surgical is marketing GenVie™ magnesium-based bone void filler through a distribution agreement with Bone Solutions.
NGMedical's First Implantations with MOVE-C Cervical Disc
NGMedical announced first procedures performed with its MOVE-C® cervical disc replacement.
Globus Medical's First Case with HEDRON IA ALIF Spacer
Globus Medical announced the first implantation of HEDRON IA, a 3D-printed integrated anterior lumbar interbody fusion spacer.
Osseus Fusion Debuts Aries-TS TLIF Device
Osseus Fusion Systems commenced alpha launch of the Aries™-TS 3D-printed transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion device.  
AMDT Launches SixFix Circular Fixation
AMDT commenced commercial launch of the SixFix™ Circular Fixation system.
7D Surgical Launches Universal Tracking Kit for Spine Surgery
7D Surgical introduced the Universal Tracking Kit for use with almost any rigid surgical instrument on the Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery platfo...
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