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OrthoPediatrics Launches QuickPack Bone Graft Substitute
OrthoPediatrics commenced U.S. launch of QuickPack™ synthetic bone graft substitute.
RSIP Vision Launches AI-Based Total Hip Replacement Technology
RSIP Vision debuted an artificial intelligence-based total hip replacement solution that provides an automated 3D structure of the hip joint for surgi...
Paragon 28 Launches AVITRAC MTP Revision System
Paragon 28 launched the AVITRAC™ MTP Revision system for repair of a failed Synthetic Cartilage Implant to metatarsophalangeal arthrodesis.
Curexo Launches Robot-Assisted Spine Surgery Device
Curexo launched the CUVIS-spine robot-assisted spine surgery device in Korea.
In2Bones Launches AlloAid BioNail Implant
In2Bones commenced global launch of the AlloAid BioNail™ engineered allograft implant for reconstructive surgery of the hand and foot.
Ortoma Launches Artificial Intelligence Assistance for Surgical Planning
Ortoma launched an updated Ortoma Treatment Solution for hip procedure planning featuring artificial intelligence support.
Anika Fully Launches TACTOSET in the U.S.
Anika Therapeutics is commencing full U.S. commercial launch of TACTOSET surgically-delivered therapy for bone repair procedures.
ulrich medical USA Launches Momentum Posterior Spinal Fixation
ulrich medical USA launched the Momentum™ Posterior Spinal Fixation System.
Smith+Nephew Announces First JOURNEY II Unicompartmental Knee Procedures
Smith+Nephew announced limited launch of the new JOURNEY™ II Unicompartmental Knee.
EOS imaging to Launch EOSedge New-Generation Imaging System
EOS imaging is introducing the new-generation EOSedge™ imaging system in Europe, Canada and Australia. 
Medtronic Introduces Mazor X Stealth Edition in India
Medtronic launched the Mazor X Stealth Edition™ Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery System in India.
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