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4Q13/2013 Revenue: NuVasive
4Q13 revenue: $190.8MM, +15% (Ex-U.S. +40 U.S. Lumbar +12% U.S. Cervical +17% U.S. Biologics+12% Impulse Monitoring +15%   2013 revenue: $685.2MM, +11% (Ex-U.S. >$70MM, +30%+) ...
BARE BONES® - January 15, 2014
NuVasive announced preliminary 4Q13 revenue of ~US $189MM, +14% from 4Q12, and preliminary 2013 revenue of ~$683MM, >10% growth vs. 2012. (
BARE BONES® - October 29, 2013
NuVasive announced 3Q13 revenue of US $169.2MM, +14% from 3Q12. (NuVasive, Inc., 10/29/13)
3Q13 Revenue: NuVasive
$169.2MM, +14% (Ex-U.S. +31%) U.S. lumbar +12%, supported by Precept, MAS, PLIF, XLIF U.S. biologics +11%, driven by strong lumbar procedure volume U.S. cervical +27% U.S. monitoring -4%, affected by reimbursement challenges...
Web Exclusive: Highlights from THE SPINE MARKET report
In 2012, revenues generated by global sales of spinal implants and instrumentation reached an estimated $7.35 billion. Though historic double-digit growth in the segment flattened in 2010, looking ahead, conservative increases should occur based upon a shift in focus to more cervical discs, la...
BARE BONES® - July 30, 2013
NuVasive announced 2Q13 revenue of US $165.7MM, +7% from 2Q12. (NuVasive, Inc., 7/30/13)
2Q13 Revenue: NuVasive
$165.7MM, +7% U.S. lumbar +7% U.S. biologics +1% U.S. cervical +24% U.S. monitoring services -10% International (Puerto Rico and biologics) +18% Ex-U.S. revenue +30% year-to-date ...
BARE BONES® - April 30, 2013
NuVasive announced 1Q13 revenue of US $159.5MM, +5.2% from 1Q12, as well as a $7.5MM upfront partial settlement payment in ongoing litigation with Medtronic regarding cervical plate pa...
1Q13 Revenue: NuVasive
$159.5MM, +5% (Ex-U.S. +47%; U.S. cervical +13%, U.S. lumbar +1%, U.S. biologics -2%, U.S. monitoring services +3%) Will make a $7.5MM upfront partial settlement payment in ongoing litigation with Medtronic regarding cervical plate patents, and gain broad access to Medtroni...
BARE BONES® - February 26, 2013
NuVasive reported 4Q12 revenue of US $165.8MM, +10% from 4Q11, and 2012 revenue of $620.3MM, +15% from 2011. (
4Q12 and 2012 Revenue: NuVasive
$620.3MM, +15% (Ex-U.S. +45%) U.S. Lumbar +5% U.S. Cervical +15% U.S. Biologics +8% U.S. Intraoperative Monitoring $39MM 4Q12 revenue: $165.8MM, +10% (U.S. implants $111.7MM, +7%; ex-U.S. $14.8MM, +65%...
BARE BONES® - January 9, 2013
NuVasive announced preliminary 2012 revenue of US $619MM, +15% from 2011. (NuVasive, Inc., 1/9/13)
3Q12 Earnings: NuVasive
$148.4MM, +12% (International ~$14.8MM, +45%; Monitoring $9.6MM; U.S. Lumbar flat, U.S. Biologics flat, U.S. Cervical +12% Starting to see implant and Neurovision revenue in Japan Revenue shortfall attributed to account churn in certain U.S. regions, aggressi...
BARE BONES® - October 24, 2012
NuVasive announced 3Q12 revenue of US $148.4MM, +11.7% from 3Q11. (NuVasive, Inc., 10/24/12)
BARE BONES® - October 3, 2012
NuVasive anticipates 3Q12 revenue of ~US $147MM, below previous estimates of flat sequential growth from 2Q12. (
2Q12: A First Look at Earnings
ORTHOWORLD’s estimates place preliminary 2Q12 market growth at 5% over 2Q11, as shown in Exhibit 1. Performance highlights follow and pertain to 2Q12, unless otherwise noted. Exhibit 1 Orthopaedic Sales Increas...
BARE BONES® - July 25, 2012
NuVasive announced 2Q12 revenue of US $154.4MM, +16% from 2Q11. (NuVasive, Inc., 7/25/12)
First Look at Quarterly Results: 1Q12 vs. 1Q11
ORTHOWORLD’s preliminary estimates place overall 1Q12 market growth at 3% over 1Q11, as shown in Exhibit 1. Performance highlights follow and pertain to 1Q12, unless noted otherwise. Exhibit 1 Orthopaedic Sales1 Increase...
BARE BONES® - May 1, 2012
NuVasive announced 1Q12 revenue of US $151.7MM, +22% from 1Q11. (NuVasive, Inc., 4/30/12)
Continuing 2011 Results, Including AAOS Conference Highlights
The orthopaedic industry appears to be tilting its focus from implant materials and toward implant alignment and personalization, per analyst review of the 2012 meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). On the floor and in recent earnings calls, companies noted observatio...
BARE BONES® - February 22, 2012
NuVasive reported 4Q11 revenue of US $150.2MM, +16% from 4Q10, and 2011 revenue of $540.5MM, +13% from 2010. (
3Q11: A First Look at Financials: NuVasive
NUVASIVE $132.9MM, +11% (Biologics $25.5MM, +10%; ex-U.S. ~$10MM) * U.S. lumbar +6%, ~65% of overall business * Cervical business +20% * Strong growth continues in Asia, Latin America * European “turbulence” impacting sur...
First Look at 2Q11 Results: NuVasive
NUVASIVE $133MM, +11% (Biologics $24.2MM; ex-U.S. ~7.5% of revenue) * Low single digit price pressure continues, somewhat mitigated by positive mix * Completed launch of MaXcess 4 retractor * Helix R Anterior Cervical Plate seeing very good earl...
First Look at 1Q11 Results: NuVasive
NUVASIVE $124.5MM, +14% (Biologics $22.6MM; Lumbar fusion +10%) * Pricing very similar to past couple of quarters * Continuing payor pushback on lumbar fusion, but landscape is stabilizing * Of surveyed surgeons, 60% of respondents believe that ...
More 2010 Results: Bonovo Orthopedics
BONOVO ORTHOPEDICS * 54% sales growth in 2010 * Sells products to China via ~150 distributors * Holds distribution contracts with Japan Medical Materials, NuVasive, Pioneer Surgical
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