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Alphatec Announces 1Q18 Revenue
Alphatec reported 1Q18 revenue of US $21.3MM, -23.9% vs. 1Q17.
NuVasive Posts 1Q18 Revenue
NuVasive reported 1Q18 revenue of US $260.5MM, +4.6% vs. 1Q17.
Globus Medical Posts 1Q18 Revenue
Globus Medical reported 1Q18 revenue of US $174.4MM, +11.9% vs. 1Q17, and raised its full-year guidance to $695MM
Public Orthopaedic Companies: 2017 Revenue and 2018 Sales Drivers
By Julie A. Vetalice The 20 companies tracked in Exhibits 1 and 2 collectively grew +3.0% in 2017 vs. 2016. Individually, you’ll notice some stellar performance in particular segments. (Our final estimates for 2017 orthopaedic industry revenue can be found in
Alphatec Reports 4Q17, 2017 Revenue
Alphatec Spine posted 4Q17 revenue of US $26.3MM, -2.9% vs. 4Q16, and 2017 revenue of $101.8MM, -15.4% vs. ...
NuVasive Posts 4Q17, 2017 Revenue
NuVasive reported 4Q17 revenue of US $271.7MM, +0.2% vs. 4Q16, and 2017 revenue of $1,029.5MM, +7.0% vs. 2016.
Alphatec Reports Preliminary 4Q17, 2017 Revenue Ranges
Alphatec announced preliminary 4Q17 revenues in a range from US $25.9MM to $26.3MM, with 2017 revenues in a...
NuVasive Preliminary 4Q17 and 2017 Revenue
NuVasive announced preliminary 4Q17 revenue of ~US $272.0MM, +0.3% vs. 4Q16, and full-year 2017 revenue of ~$1...
Medtronic Posts FY2Q18 Revenue
ORTHOWORLD estimates Medtronic’s FY2Q18 revenue at US $739.0MM, -0.4% vs. FY2Q17 (quarter ended 10/27/17). The company posted YTD revenue o...
OrthoPediatrics Posts 3Q17 YoY Growth of 22%
OrthoPediatrics posted 3Q17 revenue of US $12.4MM, +22.1% vs. 3Q16, and YTD revenue of $34.0MM, +22.2%
Majority of Public Orthopaedic Companies Still on Track for Full-Year Guidance
By Julie A. Vetalice Looking at 3Q17 revenue and reading call transcripts, much was said about unforeseen headwinds that crept in before the close of the year, affecting orthopaedic companies in a variety of ways. Following weather events, oft-cited “softness&rdqu...
Alphatec Spine Posts 3Q17 Revenue
Alphatec Spine posted 3Q17 revenue of US $23.1MM, -13.5% vs. 3Q16, and YTD revenue of $75.5MM, -4.6% vs. the ...
NuVasive 3Q17 Revenue +3.2% vs. 3Q16
NuVasive reported 3Q17 revenue of US $247.4MM, +3.2% vs. 3Q16, and year-to-date revenue of $757.9MM, +9.7% vs...
Sales Results for 20 Orthopaedic Companies: A Mid-year Status Report
By Julie A. Vetalice Now that we’ve collected 1H17 results from 20 publicly-traded companies, I’d like to share some performance-based observations. With now just 4 months remaining in the year, these companies provide a helpful gauge in projecting industry growth.
Alphatec Spine Reports 2Q17 Revenue
Alphatec Spine posted 2Q17 revenue of US $24.4MM, -24.4% vs. 2Q16, and 1H17 revenue of $52.4MM, -21.2% vs. ...
NuVasive 2Q17 Revenue and Organizational Changes
NuVasive reported 2Q17 revenue of US $260.6MM, +10.3% vs. 2Q16, and 1H17 revenue of $510.4MM, +13.1% vs. 1H16....
David Dvorak Departs as Zimmer Biomet CEO
Zimmer Biomet announced the departure of David Dvorak, its CEO of ten years. Dan Florin, Senior Vice President and CFO,...
Public and Private Company Revenue Review: 1Q17
By Julie A. Vetalice We're eager to see 2Q17 results to prepare a 1H review for you. In the interim, here are the 1Q17 numbers for publicly-traded companies, with updates and estimates for a number of privately-traded companies, too. Exhibits 1 and 2 illustrate 1Q17 performanc...
Globus Medical Reports 1Q17 Revenue
Globus Medical reported 1Q17 revenue of US $155.8MM, +11.9% vs. 1Q16. (U.S. $129.7MM, +1.6%; ex-U.S. $26.1MM, +123.4%...
NuVasive Company Profile
We're redesigning Company Profiles. To get the most current news and articles about NuVasive in the interim, please...
NuVasive Reports 1Q17 Revenue Growth of +16.2% vs. 1Q16
NuVasive reported 1Q17 revenue of US $249.9MM, +16.2% vs. 1Q16. (U.S. $214.2MM, +13.7%; ex-U.S. $35....
Company Revenue 2016
For these publicly-traded orthopaedic device companies, Exhibits 1 and 2 present 2016 orthopaedic revenue and growth. Exhibit 1 includes links to company's full-year revenue reporting, as well. ...
Top 5 Orthopaedic Players Post Revenue Growth
Combined, the top five largest players in orthopaedics posted 2016 revenue of US $28.6BB, up $671.7MM or +2.4% vs. ...
NuVasive 4Q16 and 2016 Revenue
NuVasive reported 2016 revenue of US $962.1MM, +18.6% from 2015, with 4Q16 revenue of $271.1MM, +25.9% vs. 4Q15. ...
Globus Medical Preliminary 2016/4Q16 Revenue
Globus Medical announced preliminary unaudited 2016 sales of ~US $564.0MM, with 4Q16 sales of ~$151.6MM
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