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Greatbatch Completes Acquisition, to Rebrand as Integer
Greatbatch, a supplier of implants, instruments, cases and trays to orthopaedic OEMs, completed its acquisition of
Smith & Nephew Launches TRIGEN META-TAN Femoral Nail
Smith & Nephew launched its TRIGEN META-TAN (Trochanteric Antegrade Nail) System, expanding the TRIGEN portfolio to address femoral fractures...
Orthopaedic Investments Not Halted by China’s Challenged Economy
By Carolyn LaWell While China’s stock market volatility has disrupted global markets and fueled fears of a sliding economy, current events haven’t appreciably affected the country’s healthcare market and shouldn’t deter medical device i...
Extremities Market Attracts New Players and Innovation
The extremities market generated worldwide product sales of $6.7 billion in 2014, a 9.5 percent year-over-year increase driven by the absence of payor scrutiny and company saturation, as well as heightened interest from surgeons and patients, according to
BARE BONES® - September 10, 2015
Orthopedic Innovations, a subsidiary of WiLAN, entered into a license agreement with Smith & Nephew for patents related to orthopaedic technologies, such as components used in knee replacements
BARE BONES® - September 9, 2015
Blue Belt Technologies announced the 1st Navio®-assisted partial knee replacement performed using Smith & Nephew’s ZUK unicompartmental knee. (
BARE BONES® - September 8, 2015
Bonutti Skeletal Innovations entered into an agreement with Smith & Nephew, resolving an ongoing patent dispute in the field of knee arthroplasty. (
BARE BONES® - September 8, 2015
Blue Belt Technologies commenced commercial support for Smith & Nephew’s ZUK unicompartmental knee on the Navio® robotics-assisted surgical system. (
BARE BONES® - July 30, 2015
Smith & Nephew reported 2Q15 orthopaedic revenue of US $843MM, +4% vs. 2Q14. (Hips $153MM, +1%, Knees $221MM, +7%, Sports Medicine Joint Repair $150MM, +7%, Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies ...
The Consolidation Climate: What Trends Prevail?
By Carolyn LaWell Through the first half of 2015, the number of merger and acquisition transactions closed has kept pace with the amount of deals that took place during the same time periods in ...
BARE BONES® - July 10, 2015
Smith & Nephew (SNN) acquired the trauma and orthopaedics business of DeOst, which has distributed SNN products in Russia since 2009. (
BARE BONES® - June 24, 2015
Zimmer (ZMH) agreed to divest U.S. rights and assets for the ZUK unicondylar knee to Smith & Nephew (SNN), and U.S. rights and assets for Biomet’s Discovery®
Spine and Joint Lead Investor Interest in 1H15
Funds raised in the first half of 2015 show continued interest in support of the spine and joint reconstruction segments: of the $135 million we’ve reported thus far, both claim over 28 percent of the whole. Orthobiologic companies, whose products have application across different segmen...
BARE BONES® - June 17, 2015
Smith & Nephew (SNN) received payment in connection with the recent affirmation by a U.S. Court of Appeals of a $95MM patent infringement judgment against Arthrex. The original case, filed in 2004
BARE BONES® - June 17, 2015
KFx Medical received US $35MM from Arthrex in payment for a U.S. District Court finding of infringement against certain KFx U.S. patents (No. 7,585,311 and 2 others). The original complaint was filed in 2011. ...
BARE BONES® - June 4, 2015
Smith & Nephew (SNN) commenced voluntary market removal of 46mm diameter and smaller femoral heads and corresponding acetabular cup components for the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System, as revision rates assoc...
OEMs, FDA Take Closer Look at Mobile Medical Applications
By: Prithul Bom, MBA, RAC, Theorem Clinical Research Mobile communication devices, particularly smartphone and applications, have already changed how we handle many aspects of our lives, such as personal finance, shopping, travel and entertainment. They are also radi...
BARE BONES® - May 19, 2015
OrthoSpace completed a financing transaction, including investment from Smith & Nephew. Proceeds will support market adoption, clinical study and entry into emerging markets for InSpace, a dis...
BARE BONES® - May 6, 2015
Smith & Nephew (SNN) acquired Virtual Backtable® and TrayTouch® surgical software applications from S2 Interactive. Used by SNN's Syncera business unit, the applications allow hospital and...
BARE BONES® - April 30, 2015
Smith & Nephew reported 1Q15 orthopaedic revenue of US $814MM, +7.3% vs. 1Q14. (Hips $151MM, -1%, Knees $209MM, +2%; Sports Medicine Joint Repair $144MM, +9%; Arthroscopic Enabling Technologie...
Focus on Joint Reconstruction Activity at AAOS 2015
The joint reconstruction market grew in the low single digits and surpassed $15 billion in 2014, according to ORTHOWORLD’s ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT®. Price pressure from payors and hosp...
BARE BONES® - March 25, 2015
Smith & Nephew launched the Q-FIX™ All-Suture Anchor, designed for procedures in shoulder and hip in which anatomic space is limited, such as rotator cuff and labrum repair
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Navigation and Preoperative Planning Solutions Drive New Generation of Robotics
In writing this year’s installment of THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT®, we were drawn to the amount of strategic activity that surrounded computer assisted surgery systems, includ...
BARE BONES® - March 3, 2015
Smith & Nephew (SNN) acquired EuroCiencia Colombia, SNN's sole distributor for orthopaedic reconstruction, trauma and sports medicine products in Colombia since 2006. (
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